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kentrell pov

 1month later

well i havent talked to jazmine in a month i actually need to talk to her about how i actually feel about her,cause im actually feeling her but im still with jania, im actually tired of her she getting to clingy and all that jealous shit and im tired of it. Well im just gone go to beenie house and chill there for the day

At Beenie House

when i pulled up at 3three house i was suprised at who i seen, it was jazmine,james(her twin brother that faked his death),emoni on joe lap, and jacobigirlfriend and daughter. Im actually suprised that jazmine not with her "boyfriend". Anyways i walked on the porch "wazzam" i said "shit"everybody said except for jazmine "wazzam jazmine?" i said looking at her she waved i scrunched my face up  hella fast when i seen a mark on her neck and arm.

"fuck is that on yo arm and neck mane?" i asked being as calm as i can soon as i said that everybody heads turned even the baby head bro "welp the neck bruise came from a choker iwas wearing and this bruise came from when i fell" she said "bullshit" i said "well yo ass aint gotta believe me you know why cause all i am is a hoe,right?" she said looking at m.

Jazmine pov

"well yo ass aint gotta believe me you know why cause all i am is a hoe,right?" i asked looking up at him "jazmine you know i aint mean that" he said "welp ya did" i said looking down at my phone, i looks up from my phone and see every body looking at us " hello" i said with a mug on my face "hey!" they all said i couldnt do nothing but to laugh, i look up at kentrell and see him with a big ass mug on his face "what" i said laughing he just contiued looking at me taking pictures "yo come here" kentrell said pulling me in the house "yo stop fucking touching me like that" i said snatching from him "what the fuck do you want?" i said annoyed "dont lie to me neither is that dude devonte putting his hands on you?" "no" i said looking down "jazmine brianna johnson stop fucking lying to me" he said "WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT ME TO FUCKING SAY YEA OF COURSE HE PUTTING HIS HANDS ON ME I AINT DEAD RIGHT, GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY BUISNESS IF THE SHIT DONT CONCERN YOU, YOU DIDNT CARE THEN SO WHY THE FUCK TO YOU CARE NOW" i yelled crying

jacobi pov

"WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT ME TO FUCKING SAY YEA OF COURSE HE PUTTING HIS HANDS ON ME I AINT DEAD RIGHT, OKAY THEN WHAT THEN GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY BUISSNESS IF THE SHIT DONT CONCERN YOU,YOU DIDNT CARE THEN SO WHY DO YOU CARE NOW" jazmine yelled, we all looked at each other and everybody just sat there looking shocked "baby calm down" ella said to me she tried to unball my fist but she couldnt, i got up and walked in the house to see jazmine putting wholes in the wall with tears going down her face. 

This shit right here make me feel like the worst brother in the fucking world she been distancing herself from us and now i actually know why because my fucking twin sister is getting fucking abused. I walked over to her and pulled her into my chest and she just cried, i let her walk over to the couch and sit down i sat down beside her and laid her head on my chest and she just cried she cried her self to sleep, i laid my head back and let my tears flow out my eyes, i looked up and seen kentrell just standing there "go" i said and he nodded and left, i cant believe i didnt know that my sister was in a abusive relationship i couldnt do anything but to let my eyes close and from there i went to sleep.

A/N i couldnt think of nothing this was also rushed so it probably didnt sound right bt ima update on my books more and go read my other book the hate you give and thank you but how yall feel about devonte now?


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