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"Hayley!! Your taking forever!" I Groaned angrily to my Best friend Hayley, who was taking her time in the school supply section of Walmart.

Hayley glanced up at me and swished her pretty blonde hair out of her face "Taylor hold on!" She replied, as she went through several notebooks that were displayed on the shelf.

Ever since our freshman year, me and Hayley have been best friends. We were the two hottest blondes in our school. We were just starting our senior year in HS, and we were having quite a few issues shopping for supplies.

"We NEED to have matching notebooks, pencils, pens, binders, and even matching bags!" Hayley screeched out, and she glanced around the aisle.

"Um, Okay how about this blue notebook?" I held up a sparkly blue notebook that I had just found, and waited for her to voice her opinion.

"I like pink better" She said, cringing at the blue.

I rolled my eyes "..Ok" I replied, and I put down the blue notebook and found two pink notebooks to put in our shopping cart. I usually am the one to compromise, and it's always been that way.

I continued through the aisle and picked up two sets of pens and pencils, and I made sure they were matching. I skimmed the aisle, and looked for more supplies that would meet our needs.

After our shopping, we had managed to spend 3 hours in Walmart trying to figure out what we wanted for each other, like always. Hayley was the one to keep us in there, but she is very particular with school school supplies so I just dealt with it.

When we finally got outside to the parking lot, Hayley's phone starting screeching as we made our way to the car. "Turn that thing down!!" I yelled, and I placed my hangs over my ears angrily. Hayley glared at her phone screen, seeing that it was her boyfriend James. She put him on speaker.

"Hey babe" James said into the phone in a slurred, and loud voice.

Hayley looked concerned "Hey, what is it that your calling for?" She questioned, as both me and her were puzzled. Who wouldn't be, if your friends boyfriend basically sounded drunk.

"Babe, come to my house tonight because my mom won't be there, and Michael will be." James purred out.

Michael was my boyfriend.

"Um.. O-okayyy.." Hayley looked up in confusion, and she hung up on him.

Both me and Hayley glanced at each other after the weird phone call, not knowing what to say. After a minute or so of silence, I unloaded the shopping cart and put our stuff in Hayley's red beetle. We both then got in her car and pulled away.

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