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          When they arrived back at the stable, Isoje soon discovered she had a new problem.  She and her parents took the peg to the stable. 

Her parents explained the situation to Kelu, and he found a stall for the little peg.  They brought food and water for the little creature, but it would not eat. 

After doing all that they could to make it comfortable, Isoje and her parents started to leave.  The peg tried to follow.  When it could not get out the door, it began to cry out. 

There was so much terror, loneliness, and sadness in the sound that Isoje could not help running back.  She went into the stall and tried to comfort her new charge.  He nestled up to her immediately. 

After several minutes, Isoje again tried to leave, and the same thing happened.  Isoje looked at her parents and they could see how much the peg's distress hurt her.  All she said was, "Please." 

Dach and Yonta looked at each other and nodded.  Yonta spoke.  "It is fine Isoje.  The peg needs you right now.  You stay with it until it doesn't need you so much.  We will send out some dinner for you and some blankets. "

Isoje sank down gratefully onto the straw and the peg immediately lay down next to her, pressing against her.  Isoje scratched him gently behind the ears, whispering softly, "I know.  I'm sorry." 

Sometime later, she heard footsteps approaching.  She looked up and soon saw Eticia and Enielda coming into the stall carrying food and blankets. 

Enielda spoke up, "Our parents said we could stay with you tonight if you'd like."  Isoje nodded gratefully as they handed her some food.  It was easier having them with her. 

She told them what had happened and they listened quietly.  Afterwards, they began talking of other things, and she knew that they were trying to distract her. 

The next day, each of her friends except Mitym, who was sick, and many other people came by the stall to see the peg, but the peg seemed listless. 

It didn't touch its food in the morning, and if Isoje tried to leave, it neighed in distress.  So, Isoje stayed. 

The peg still hadn't eaten anything, so when Isoje finished her lunch she went over to the feed bucket and sat.  As she had hoped, the peg came to lie down next to her. 

Isoje reached into the bucket and picked up a handful of oats.  She held the oats in front of the peg as she gently stroked him with her other hand.  Minutes went by and she continued to hold the oats.  Finally, the peg sniffed at the oats and then ate them. 

His lips on her hand felt so funny that she laughed, and with that laugh some of her sadness flew away.  She continued to feed the peg one handful at a time. 

When there were no more oats, she went over to the water bucket.  The peg followed her.  He didn't bend down to drink right away, so she reached down to get a handful of water and dribbled it on his muzzle.  The peg licked it off. 

She drizzled some more.  Soon he was drinking from the water bucket on his own.  Isoje spent almost the entire week in the stall. 

However, by the end of the week he was finally used to his new surroundings and did not throw a fit when she left.  However, like most Pegasus, he was distrustful of everyone except her. 

He would tolerate others when she was around, but no one could enter his stall without her.  This meant that Isoje was 100% responsible for his care.  This meant her life was much busier, but it was worth it. 

Suddenly, Isoje's memories were cut short as her Pegasus swooped down towards the lake.  He flew low over the cattails and tore one off with his mouth. 

Isoje leaned forward and grabbed the red scarf as her Pegasus turned toward the woods.  Isoje forgot about the battle she had witnessed long ago and she forgot about the war that might come. 

She thought only of the race and of her desire to win...

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