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          It did not take Dach and Yonta long to decide what to do.  No matter who it was that was in pain, they wanted to help. 

So the three elves hurried toward the sounds.  As elves, it was easy for them to move silently and swiftly.  However, the fight was some distance away. 

The sounds grew louder as they drew closer.  Before they could see the fight, they could tell that there were two ogres involved. The elves thought they were fighting a horse by the sounds of the battle.  

However, when they cautiously peered into the clearing in which the battle was occurring, they saw that it was not a horse but a Pegasus. 

Yonta and Dach watched in amazement for a minute as the Pegasus valiantly fought both ogres.  By the sizes, they could tell the Pegasus was female and that one of the ogres was male and the other female. 

Despite the battle being two against one, the Pegasus was holding off both attackers.  They could see that all three were injured.  One of the Pegasus's wings was dragging the ground at an awkward angle, and she was bleeding in several spots. 

One of the ogres was bleeding heavily from a deep gash on one leg and the other was using only one arm.  Yonta and Dach took in all of the details quickly wondering why the Pegasus had fought instead of flying away. 

Could the broken wing have occurred before the fight began?  In the brief time that they had been watching, the female ogre had been slowly backing away from the Pegasus dragging the bad leg and moaning. 

The Pegasus was moving toward it menacingly.  As it did, the male ogre appeared to be moving to the side to get behind the Pegasus.  Like her parents, Isoje had been watching the fight and wondering what her parents would do. 

However, as she watched the male ogre, she realized he wasn't watching the fight, he was staring at something else, and then Isoje saw it. 

There was a baby Pegasus huddled in the bushes at the edge of the clearing.  The baby was staring at the ogre with frightened eyes but remained unmoving as if doing so would protect it. 

Isoje didn't stop for an instant to think.  She pulled out her dagger, and ran into the clearing to stand in front of the baby facing the tall ogre.  She had come so silently that the ogre hadn't known she was there until she was between him and the baby. 

He stopped abruptly and looked at her.  In ogre he said threateningly, "This fight doesn't concern you elfling.  Get out of my way or I will tear you limb from limb."  Isoje shook her head silently still holding the dagger ready to attack if the ogre came closer. 

At the sound of the ogre behind her, the mother Pegasus swung her head around and gave a neigh of anger.  When she did, the female ogre attacked her, and the Pegasus screamed in pain. 

Dach and Yonta had been so surprised by their daughter's flight into the middle of the battle that it was several seconds before they did anything.  However, at the sound of the Pegasus's scream they leaped into action. 

With a fierce cry, they burst into the clearing rushing toward their daughter and her attacker.  At the sound, the male swiveled his head to see the source...

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