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Brooklyn's POV:
Crash came into our lives today. I am officially a dad. I'm so happy that I am. I'm glad I found Y/N. She is my world. I love her and our baby boy. I walk back into the hospital room the next day. "Morning beautiful." I told her. "Morning." She said in a sleepy voice. I sat next to her on her bed and she rested her head on my chest.

Your POV:
I'm now a mum. Brooklyn is going to be a great dad. I love him to the moon and back. He came into the room and sat next to me. I rested my head on his shoulder. "Thank you for making me the happiest man alive." He said. "Brook." I said. "I've got you and now Crash. What more could I possibly ask for?" He said. I love him soooooooooo much I can't even explain it. "Brooklyn. You make me happy." I said smiling. He smiled and kissed my lips passionately.

- - - -

"Brook let's see your little man." Rye said. All of the lads had come to visit. Brooklyn was so excited to show the others. He walked out the room and a few minutes later he returned with a small bundle of blankets with a baby. "He is so cute." Rye said placing him in his arms. Rye got Mikey to take a photo. "Brooklyn and I have decided that we want you guys to be Crash's uncles." I told them. "Really? That's sick." Mikey said hugging Brook and I. I was going home today so I was all dress and just needed to get ready.

"He is so adorable." Andy told Brook. It made me smile. Crash was handed back over to Brook. He sat on the chair and began to talk to Crash. I quickly took my phone out and took a photo of the two of them. I posted the photo on my Instagram. @Y/IG/N: Father and son. 💖💖 The best guy I ever met. All the others got to hold Crash and have a photo. By the end of the day we all got to go home.

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