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Your POV:
*Cough* *Cough* I was so ill and so was the lads. We all were. "I hate being ill." I said coughing again. "Me too babe." Brooklyn said coughing. I came to support the lads as I had done for their previous shows. "Anyone want a drink?" I asked. "Me please." Rye asked. I walked into the kitchen and made the drinks. I went back into the bedroom with Rye's drink. "Here." I said handing him a drink. We all drank our drinks if we had one and got ourselves ready.

I got my bag and headed to the tour bus with the others. I sat at the back with Brook. "I want you all to perform your best even though you all are ill just give it your best shot." Blair told them all. "Okay." Andy said with a croaky voice. I hope the show goes well for them. All of us fell asleep on the car journey up to the venue. We arrived and I woke up before the others. "Brook *cough* Brooklyn. Wake up we're here." I said. He slowly woke up and so did the others.

I took my rucksack and a suitcase and began to walk. The others took their bags. Brooklyn stayed by my side as we walked. We all got inside, said hello to some people then went to the room that we got given.

I went out of the room to the bathroom then came back inside.
Jack was curled up on the sofa, Rye was sat on the table top, Andy was sat on the other sofa, Brook was sat on the sofa that Jack is on and Mikey was sat on the sofa next to Andy. I sat by the door on the other side of the room. Brooklyn was vlogging too. There where a lot of coughs from everyone. "Show time lads." Blair said walking into the room. "Good luck." I said giving them all hugs. I stayed in the room as I didn't want to give anyone else the cold.

- - After the show - -

Andy came in a kicked the bin. "What's happened?" I said standing up. "Just annoyed." He said sitting down on the sofa. "Ok." I said walking back over to where I originally was sat. Rye walked in shortly after and began to talk. *Cough* "Ahhh." I said. "Y/N?" Rye said turning around to me. "Yeah?" I said quietly as my voice nearly went. "You ok?" He asked. "No. This cough hurts my stomach." I said. Rye smiled then turned back around. Mikey walked through the door and got a bin thrown at him.

Brooklyn was taking long. Probably because he was just meeting a few more fans. I love it when he makes time for his fans. Brooklyn soon walked in with Blair. Soon after Blair ran out of the room. Brooklyn fell on the floor by where I was sitting. "Babe?" Brook said weakly. "I'm here." I said moving over to him. "I'm hurt." He said. I helped Brook. I kissed his hand. We waited a few more minutes till we all went back to the car. Me and Mikey had to help Brooklyn to the car as he hurt his back.

I stayed with him and helped him when he needed it. I kissed the side of his head so he knew I was here to help. Brooklyn rested his head on my shoulder. I felt my shoulder soak up. "Brook are you crying?" I asked quietly. "Yes. It hurts so bad." He said crying harder. "Babe. When we get back to the hotel it will be ok. Let's not think about it. Ok?" I said sweetly. He nodded his head and we waited to get back to the hotel.

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