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Your POV:
Brooklyn was away on tour with his band. I was by myself which I didn't like at all. Brooklyn wasn't with me. I was going to facetime him in a minute. I got myself sorted then went on facetime.

(Facetime with Brook):

Hey Brook, I've missed you.
Hey Baby. I've missed you more.
Me too. I wish you where here with me.
I wish I was there too. I'm coming home tomorrow. I'm excited to see you.
I can't wait. How have you been?
I have been good. You?
Could be better. I haven't been feeling myself lately.
Oh baby. Tomorrow I will hug you to make you feel better.
I would love that.
Of course you would. *Giggles*
What time should you be home?
Around 10:00am.

We talk for a bit longer.

Yes Brook?
I love you.
Awww. I love you too.
I am going on a flight now. Speak later?
Ok. I'll speak later. Have a safe flight.
I will. I love you.
I love you too Brook.
Bye baby.

We hung up the facetime. We spent 2 hours on facetime together. I began to feel sleepy and fell asleep.

- - - -

I woke up early and got myself ready. I walked up to their flat and knocked on the door. "Hi Blair. How was tour?" I asked. "It was great." He told me. Blair told me a bit more about tour. "Brook, someone is here to see you." Blair said walking me to the bedroom. "Hey Brook." I said coming out from behind of Blair. "Y/N!" He said pulling me in for a hug. We hugged for ages. We fell onto the sofa and hugged more. Brooklyn began to plaster my face in kisses. Then he placed the kisses onto my lips.

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