Fun and Games

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Based on one of their vlogs....

Your POV:
It was the day after one of the lads shows they had done. They where all pretty ill as in they lost their voices. Brooklyn on the other hand was ill as in he lost his voice and has a cold. I felt really bad for them all. They also have a show tomorrow night. I hope they're better by then. Andy was on his bed talking to Rye, who was vlogging, Mikey was sat on his bed sorting bits out, Jack was sound asleep, Brooklyn was asleep on his bed, which was on the floor. I was awake sat on the sofa. I was just sat there playing on my phone as I had nothing else to do.

"Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!!" Rye said pointing the camera at me. "Yes Rye. How may I help?" I asked. "I think we should prank Jack and Brooklyn." He suggested. "Not Brooklyn please. Jack you can do but not Brooklyn." I said. Even though Jack had kind of lost his voice he wasn't ill like Brooklyn. "Whatever you say Y/N!" Rye said back. I rolled my eyes. Rye walked out of the room for a few minutes. "Why not Brooklyn?" Mikey asked. "If you chuck water over him he would get even more cold than he already is and be more ill. We don't need that. Also I'm protecting him if you do anything." I explained. "Awww. So sweet. Imagine if he heard you say that." Andy said. "And I just caught it all on camera." Rye said walking back in the room. He was standing by the door and filmed it all. I blushed and carried on looking at my phone.

"What are you doing to Jack?" I asked looking up from my phone. "She speaks." Rye said. "Very funny. But seriously, what are you doing?" I asked again. "Covering him in flour then placing some stuff on him." Rye said. Jack obviously couldn't hear him as he was in a deep sleep. I watched Rye pour flour over him. Mikey was trying not to laugh but failed at it and Andy was watching from above. When The finished that, he started to place things on Jack. They place a few boxes on him but they fell off. I gave up watching them and went to Brooklyn's bed. I snuggled into his chest. He wrapped his arms around me knowing I was safe in his arms.

Rye took one of Brooklyn's pillows and placed it on Jack. Brooklyn woke up and let go of me. "Brook. Look at Jack." Rye said a few times. "Noooooo. I want to sleep. I'm tired." He whined. Brooklyn noticed one of his pillows where missing and saw it was on Jack. He got up and reached over to take it. As he was taking the pillow, Jack woke up. "Now Jack is awake." Andy said. "Will I ever get some sleep in this house?" Jack said. He seemed a bit annoyed. Brooklyn placed his pillow back down the snuggling into me. Andy and Mikey burst out laughing. I tried to ignore the sound. Brooklyn fell asleep straight away soon I fell asleep too.

Rye's POV:
Pranking Jack was the best. I wanted to get Brooklyn but Y/N wouldn't let me. I understand why she didn't though. Anyway it was funny. Jack started to eat chocolate he found on the table. "I see Jack is happy now that he is eating chocolate." I said to the camera. I moved the camera, pinning it on the couple that is asleep on the floor "Goals." I said which caused a giggle from Mikey and Andy. Jack soon fell back to sleep. I ended the vlog there and went up to my bed. What a day.

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