Break up -- Part 2

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Your POV:
I walked out of the flat and to the taxi I called. It took me to the train station where I was going to take the train back up to where I study in college. This is not how I hoped my few days off would be like. I got on my train and listened to music to block everything out that was around me.

Rye's POV:
Y/N left and I walked into the flat. I walked into the bedroom and saw Brooklyn curled up in a ball. I kneeled down to were he was. "Brook. Can I have a word please?" I said quietly. Brooklyn turned around and looked at me. We both got up and went into the kitchen. Brooklyn had red puffy eyes from crying and a bit of a wet t-shirt from his tears. "Come here." I said opening my arms for him. Brooklyn fell into them and began to cry again. "I've messed up big time Rye. I lost the girl of my dreams and I can't get her back." He sobbed. "I will help you get her back, I promise. Let's give her some time then we can phone text or whatever to get in contact with her. Ok." I told him. "Thanks Rye." Brooklyn said.

The two of us walked back into the bedroom and carried on with our day.

Your POV:
I text Rye saying I was at college. I feel bad for leaving but it was the right choice to go. I got to my room and layed on my bed. I slept for hours.

-- 1 week later --

I miss all the lads and I miss Brooklyn. They have now left for tour so I won't be seeing them for a while. I'm in my dorm room finishing work on my laptop. Just doing the last bit then I'm finished. My phone starts to vibrate. I had and incoming facetime from Rye. The two of us were close. I answered it.

Hey Rye.
Hey Y/N. How have you been?
Good. Bit busy though. How are you and how is your going so far?
I'm great. Tour is amazing.
That's good to hear then.
I miss you.
Aww Rye. I miss you too and everyone else.
Even Brooklyn?
Yes. Even Brooklyn.
He is now smiling because of that.
Oh ok. So.... What did you want to talk to me about?
Actually it isn't me who wants to speak to you it's Brooklyn. Give him a chance. Please for me.
Fine I will.

Rye hands the phone over to Brooklyn. I've missed his face and his dreamy eyes.

Hey Brook.
Hey Y/N.
I'm telling you the truth here. I miss you like crazy and it's hard that I don't have you anymore.
Same here. I miss you like crazy but then I realise I'm the one that let you go. I'm sorry Y/N.
Y/N. Look outside your window.
Ok. Give me a second.

I walk to my window and see Brooklyn standing there.

Brooklyn. What are you doing here?
I came to visit you.
Wait there I will be down in a minute.

I ended the call and ran outside. I pushed the door open and ran to him. He had his arms open for me to run into. I ran into them and we stayed there for ages. "Can there be an us again?" He asked. "Of course Brook. I would do anything for that." I said smiling. Brooklyn leaned in and kissed my lips. I smiled into the kiss. "What about college?" He asked as we pulled away. "I'm going to send the finishing touches of my course to my teacher in a minute then I have finished." I said. "Do you want to do it now?" He asked. I nodded my head and lead him to my dorm. I sent the work to my teacher and it was all done.

"Join me on tour." Brooklyn asked. "Really. I would love to." I said. We both shared another kiss. I'm glad I have Brooklyn back.

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