Break up

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Your POV:
I've been studying at college for a while now about a year I would say. I also have been dating Brooklyn from the band RoadtripTV. We've managed to keep our relationship going even at the rough patches. We have been there for each other when it is needed. Today I was going to visit him and his mates because I have time off from college. I took the late train down as that was the only one available.

I travel down by train to get to the flat. From there I take a taxi to the flat. I pay the driver and walk towards the flat. I walk up the stairs and knock on flat 64. The door opens and Mikey is standing there. "Y/N!! What you doing here? I thought you where at college." He said. "I still am but I have a few days off so I thought I would come and visit you guys." I said. Mikey let me into the flat. I walked into the bedroom when they all spotted me. "Y/N!! So good to see you!" Rye said pulling me in for a hug. "You to Rye." I said back. Andy then Jack pulled me in for a hug. I walked over to Brooklyn. He smiled. "Missed you." He said snuggling his face into the crook of my neck.

"I have a few days off college so I thought I would come see you guys." I said. "I'm glad you did." Brooklyn said. We looked into each others eyes and leaned in. Our lips brushed each others as we shared the kiss. I missed this. "Ewww. Guys come on. Do that somewhere else." Andy said as he walked back in the bedroom. "Fine we will." Brooklyn said taking my hand and leading me out of the flat and to the park outside. We talked and shared a few more kisses while we where there. It was now dark and we decided to walk back to the flat.

We walked back into the flat. Brooklyn went into the bedroom as I went into the kitchen. I made myself a cup of water then drank it. I walked back into the bedroom. "Brooklyn is sleeping!" Rye said pointing to his bed. "Aww. I'll go see him." I said. I took my coat off and went to the bathroom. I changed into some shorts, a t-shirt and a hoodie for bed. I opened the door and Blair was standing there. "Y/N! Didn't expect you to come out of the bathroom." He said surprised. I giggled. "Yep that's me." I said. I walked past Blair and back into the bedroom.

I went over to Brooklyn and layed down next to him. He shuffled around a bit to get comfortable. I felt his arm wrap around my waist. "Babe." Brooklyn said before falling asleep again. I fell asleep in his arms too. I snuggled up close to him.

-- Next morning --

Brooklyn's POV:
I woke up and saw Y/N asleep there. I smiled but realised I had to tell her something. I get up and use the bathroom. I got ready for the day and then went to eat breakfast. I made food for everyone as I was in the mood to do that. "Morning Brook." Rye said walking into the kitchen. "Morning. Heres some food I made." I said handing it to him. "Thanks mate." He said. I cleaned up my mess then walked into the bedroom.

Y/N was awake when I walked back in. "Morning." I said. She smiled pecking my lips. "Brook, I'm going to use the bathroom. Be back in a bit." She said smiling walking out of the room with her clothes. I sat on the sofa and placed my head in my hands. I was sad and having thoughts. It has really got to me. "You alright mate?" Mikey asked. "Yeah just having second thoughts." I said. "About what?" He asked again. "Tour and Y/N." I said. I looked up and saw the look on Mikey's face. I explained the whole thing I need to tell Y/N. "When are you going to tell her?" Mikey said breaking the awkward moment. "Tell me about what." I heard Y/N's voice say. Great now this won't end well. "Y/N I need to speak with you." I told her.

Your POV:
Brooklyn began to make me worry. I followed him out into the hallway. "Brooklyn what's going on?" I questioned. "Y/N, I don't think our relationship is going to work anymore." He said. It broke my heart. "Wh-why?" I said trying to hold the tears back. Now Brooklyn had tears in his eyes. "I'm going on tour in a few days and your at college and..." He explained. "We can make this work." I said now with tears streaming down my cheeks. Brooklyn had tears streaming down his face too. "I think it's for the best." He said. I looked at him. I couldn't stand it anymore so I walked out of the flat.

Brooklyn's POV:
I looked up and she was gone but I saw Mikey and Andy standing in the doorway looking at me. "I've messed up big time." I said getting angry. "Brook. It'll be fine. We can help you." Mikey said. "IT'LL BE FINE!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? I JUST BROKE UP WITH MY GIRLFRIEND WHO I WAS MADLY IN LOVE WITH!" I shouted then I punched the wall. They both flinched. "Sorry I'm just angry and upset. All I need is some space." I said walking to the bedroom and curling up in a ball.

Your POV:
I ran out of the flat and fell on the step. I cried my eyes out which felt like ages. I saw someone come up the stairs. It was Rye. "Y/N. Are you crying? What's wrong." Rye said worried. "Br-Brook just broke up with me!" I cried out. Rye comforted me. He got up a few minutes later. "I'll go speak to him." Rye said. "Thanks Rye, I don't know what I would do without you. I'm going to go back to college." I said. "Ok. Have a safe journey. Text me when you get there." Rye said. I nodded and gave Rye one last hug before leaving.

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