Request -- Caught

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Sam's POV:
My names Sam Fowler. I'm Andy Fowler's younger sister. I love my brother so much. Ever since he joined the band Roadtrip I never really see him that much until he introduced me to his mates. I instantly fell in love wih one of them. Brooklyn Wyatt. He is so cute, I love him so much. The two of us have been dating for just over a year now. The time has gone by so fast.

- - - -

Brooklyn and I stayed at home while the others went out as the two of us wanted to spend sometime together. We do spend time together and everything but not as much as we used to but I totally understand why because him being in the band has made him busy. What Brook does for a living makes me smile. "I love spending time with you Sam." Brook said. I smiled. " I love spending time with you too." I said. Brook smiled then lead down to peck my lips. His lips are so soft they feel like heaven everytime we kiss.

The two of us are laying on his bed cuddling together. How much I love this. Brook began to kiss the side of my head which made me giggle a little. I really do love him when he does that. I felt him moving the kisses down the side of my face until they reached my lips. They were small kisses until I attached my lips properly which led us to have a make out session. Our lips would attached and detach when we kissed. His lips felt like heaven. I could kiss him any day. Brook smiled into the kiss. He knew I was enjoying it.

I thought I heard the door open but I couldn't tell as I was distracted by Brook. The door of Brook's room was open a little but not a lot. "Guys come on!" We heard Jack say. The two of us pulled apart and I berried my face in his chest. "Sorry Jack." Brook mumbled. "Sorry." I said too. Jack left the room then Brook giggled a little. I just smiled. We could hear Jack telling the others what he walked into.

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