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As a small child, Mitym had been brought to the palace by his parents with a plea for help from the famous elf healers of SET.  The kingdom of SET had been formed centuries ago by an alliance of humans, elves, and giants. 

Each group had strengths that they readily shared with the others.  The best warriors came from the humans, the best healers from the elves, and the best farmers from the giants. 

They peacefully co-existed within the kingdom.  Due to the size difference, the giants mostly lived in communities together, but they mingled with the other two in the markets and at festivals. 

There was a village of giants a few leagues from the palace, and that is where Mitym's parents lived.  When they brought their son to the palace, Eticia's parents had been given the task of caring for him because their music made them especially good at working with children. 

As thanks, Mitym's parents gave Eticia's parents an oliphant as a gift.  Nnalo and Bibma had refused the gift, but Hojn & Ticah had insisted.  Nnalo and Bibma had finally accepted the gift when Hojn & Ticah pointed out that the oliphant would help them be able to reach patients faster and carry more riders and supplies, including an injured person. 

When the oliphant became pregnant, Nnalo & Bibma decided the oli would be a perfect gift for their oldest daughter Eticia.  They asked her if she would like an oliphant of her own.  In great excitement, she had said, "O, yes.  That would be wonderful!" 

Her parents then made a bargain with her.  The oli would be hers, but only so long as she did all the work to care for it.  Eticia was happy to agree. 

In this way, they trained her how to care for a pregnant oliphant, and they made sure she was there and helped with the birthing.  Before, she had at times been impatient to be off with her friends, but now that it was for her own oli, she listened attentively. 

Her parents taught her how to care for and nurture the baby.  They also asked Kelu to teach her how to train her oli as it grew older. 

She named the oli Lio, which means strong in Elvish.  Caring for an oliphant took a great deal of time, and at times she had resented missing opportunities to do other things, especially on days when she was especially tired. 

However, she knew that her parents would stick to the bargain.  If she stopped caring for the oliphant, it would no longer be hers. 

Eticia wasn't the only youth in the stable.  Enielda & Nehat, as the children of the stable master, were frequently there helping with the various animals. 

Noj Vidad had to care for his unicorn, and Isoje had to care for her Pegasus.  Even Mitym was frequently in the stables caring for his dragon, although he did not care for it alone due to his health issues. 

Knowing that she wasn't the only one made it easier.  Plus, the six of them frequently helped each other.  Despite this, she had still often looked at the task as a burden, until...  Eticia shuddered.  She would never forget the look on Princess Atamar's face that day...

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