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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 35

(Amelia’s notes) Frisca's POV

“I came across many interesting facts about vampires, half vampires and blood sucking demons. According to me people often mistook a person suffering from haematodipsia to be a vampire. It’s a rare disease that causes its victim to develop a sexual thirst for blood. This I realized when I was often called to slain people who fell prey to such disease. They never believed me when I explained why I wouldn’t slain the assumed demon.”

Blood sucking demons have the same traits of a vampire but the only difference is that they are first a big lump of flesh and blood that when fed on blood gradually develop bones and a proper human like figure.   

When I read that line, I recollected the incident that took place in one of the estates. I and Chelsea were attacked by the same demon that Amelia had mentioned about in her notebook. It appeared like a seal to me though, but I remember that it was made of only flesh and blood.

“Interesting, so that was a blood sucking demon!” I pouted and continued reading.

   Vampires And half vampires belong to the un-dead just like zombies however they have a high  IQ level and are much civilised when it comes to living with mortals. A vampire can pull off his/her role so well that even in a crowd it would be impossible to fish them out from the rest. Their heavenly features and appearance are just a mask to conceal the actual demon that resides in them. Some use their charming looks to attract their prey while others use their wit and supernatural powers.

I wonder what Vlade used…?” I said in my mind and laughed at the thought that crossed my mind.

It's true that Vampires fear to go out in the sunlight, no it doesn’t kill them but they are vulnerable at that time. They are creatures of the night and under no circumstance can tolerate the sunlight. But this fact is applicable only for vampires off the lesser breed, those who have a pure bloodline can walk in broad daylight without any fuss. I can even say the same for an half vampire, I raised one and realised that the sunrays had no effect on him either.

 “Vlade!” I squealed as I knew whom she was mentioning about.

Half vampires are not a threat unless one antagonises them. Many won’t agree but legend has it that a child born from a vampire and a human was supposed to be a hero who had powers to slay vampires.

“You’re my hero, I don’t know about the rest,” I stuck my tongue out and giggled when suddenly Jacqueline’s grandma started looking at me suspiciously. I controlled my expressions and buried my head in the notebook immediately.

Unlike true vampires, an half vampire can survive without feeding on blood but only to a certain limit. They may have supernatural powers but aren’t strong enough to control it. I had to train him a lot to help him control his powers. I taught him to meditate so he would eventually learn to control his powers but that led him to discover that he could travel once he shut his eyes and drifted into a world that I never got to experience.

“Too bad, but I have experience it,” I smirked and continued reading.

Never make an half vampire angry, you won’t know what hit you if one looses its temper. An half vampire is uncontrollable when antagonise, they aren’t in control of their body or powers. Destruction is the only thing that runs in their mind and it becomes nearly impossible to bring them back unless they realize it and put in an effort to calm down.

Uh…I have lost count of the number of times that I have annoyed him, but not to the extent of making him crazy at least!” I said in my mind and wondered if what she meant had any similarities to the incident that took place in the woods where I and Vlade were attacked by the hell hounds?

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