Chapter 17

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QOTD: What's the biggest thing wrong with society?

"Can you go get more drinks?" I gazed at Kasey's empty cups tiredly

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"Can you go get more drinks?" I gazed at Kasey's empty cups tiredly. I've gotten up at least six times just to fetch her drinks at the bar. "Please," She folded her hands together and begged me, "I don't get the cool discount like you."

"Because you don't work here."

"Are they hiring?"

I rolled my eyes and stood up. "Do you want a different one or the same?"

She squinted her eyes in thought. "I'll have the same." I trailed off to the bar and smiled at Ted.

"Your friend's going to drink us dry."

"I know, I know. This is the last time, I swear." He shook his head and poured me some more drinks. I paid him half the amount a normal customer would and waited.

"Maya, what a pleasant surprise." I side glanced the person who slid into the stool next to mine. "Are you not working tonight?"

"Just out with a friend of mine."

"That woman over there, am I correct?" Bylina gestured her hand to the booth Kasey sat in alone. I nodded and grabbed two of the drinks Ted slid over. I waited for another two impatiently. "Where are those Riley brothers?"

"They didn't come."

"Really?" Her lips pulled up seductively. "I was starting to think they never let you off your leash. It finally allows us time to talk ourselves."

"I'm enjoying a night with my friend. Maybe some other time."

"Your friend? That one, right?" She pointed at Kasey again. I let out a sigh when I saw her getting up with a random man.

"That would be her."

"You're more than welcome to stop them before they leave. I'll watch your drinks." I leaned back into the seat, no longer having to go back to the booth. At least she gave me her dorm key. "Oh, you're staying?" Her condescending tone annoyed me.

"Do you not have someone you came here with?"

"They got hungry." She smiled. "He'll be back shortly."

"Thanks, Ted." I forced a smile for him and he patted the counter before walking off to another customer.

"Do you mind?" She didn't wait for my reply before she grabbed one of the drinks. "The Riley brothers- how long have you been seeing them."

"Why does it matter?"

"I'm just curious." She smiled and sipped at my drink. "It must bother you- when they feed I mean. It's hard for humans to understand that side of vampires."


"Really? Do they feed from you instead?" I took a large gulp from my drink and felt it burn my throat. "Sorry if I'm being nosy, I'm just curious about everything. I'm looking to get closer with you and the Riley's."

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