Chapter 1

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".........Aunty Jaw-jaw,wake up!! Kitashi."

I groaned and pulled the blanket covering my whole body. I heard feet walking away, finally, i hate it when I'm woken up I prefer to wake up myself.

"JAWAHIIR!!!! how many times do I have to tell you to wake up, don't let me come back." That's probably Ya Nana, lemme get up before she comes back.

I went to the loo to do my morning business, I took a shower and dressed up in a simple gown. Time to go down.

"Where is the food?"

"Are the snacks here"

"Oh my gosh, you spilled tea on my dress do you know how long it took me to finish it?"

The last is definitely Suhayla, my sister, she's older than me with three years. She's studying fashion design at Fashion Institute Of Technology (FIT) Manhattan, New York. She's back for summer break.

I finally reached the parlor, where too much commotion is going on. This is why i prefer sleeping.

My sisters, half sisters precisely are getting married, today is the sa rana.

I met Ya Firdaus and Ya Farha; the brides to be having their breakfast.

"See who decided to wake up, sannu Gimbia" Ya Nana said sarcastically.

"Yawwa Ya Nana." I replied cheekily.

"I will smack you, go to the kitchen and see what you can help with." She instructed

I don't want what she's doing here, all the way from Kano, I don't even want to know what will happen during the actual wedding, this's just the sa rana. She will probably say she's here to take her big sister role.

Ya Nana or Ayesha is my eldest sister, she's an interior designer, she's married to Ya Jafar. She resides in Kano with her 4 years old Ayman and 2 years old Zarah.

A sweet aroma hits my nose as I entered the kitchen. Food flasks everywhere,trays with snacks, drinks e.t.c

My family can go over the top sometimes, I hope they don't scare the twins and their family. Have I mentioned they are marrying twins? How cool is that? that's why the wedding will take place at the same time.

Ya Firdaus: she's Mama's (my stepmom) eldest daughter/1st child and the 4th born, she's marrying Hussain, and Ya Farha is Mama's 2nd child and the 5th born, is marrying Hassan.

"Mammie na" I sang

"Yar Auta." She sang back

I sighed "Haba Mammie I'm not yar auta fah, Affan ne dan auta." I complained.

"I thought you liked it." Mama teased.

"You see Mama that was then, I'm now a candidate fah, I'm through with secondary school how can I be called auta, its so uncool."

"Toh cool girl." Suhayl butt in eating a cup cake, I swear he's always munching on something

"How is it that you're not fat" I raised an eyebrow well both I can't raise one.

"Gym Baby" He replied kissing his "imaginary" biceps.

I rolled my eyes boys. "Where's my twin?" he asked referring to Suhayla.

"She's probably in her room changing her clothes. And what's with the 'twin' thingy kafin ku tafi New York you guys bicker, like always."

"It's called growing up." He rolled his eyes or at least attempted to,before walking out.

Suhayl is studying law at NYU Manhattan. I don't know how they do it, nikam I ain't going anywhere, ina nan kusa da Mammie na.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, it's Jahara calling me my best friend, sister from another mother. I picked

"Yo Jaw jaw!" She exclaimed.

"Jahan Ara." She hates it when I call her full name.

"I'll ignore that, how's the sa rana preparation?"

"It's...." I sighed. "I don't know, they are doing it too much y'know, I can't imagine what will happen during the wedding"

"Lol that's your family, anyway I'll hang up now I just called to check on you, bye ILY"

"Bye love you too"


It was around 8pm when everything has been settled and the dangin ango; grooms' side, have left. It was hectic, tho I ran away I don't like working. We were all sitting in the family room

"Toh, ansa rana;the date has been set. The wedding will take place on the 25th of December this year in sha Allah (if Allah wills) that's six months from now." Mammie announced

"On Christmas??!!"  My immediate younger sister Nai'a exclaimed.

Mama shot her a glare, She immediately settled down. Lol that look works wonder on her and Affan. Nai'a and Affan are Mama's 3rd and 4th children respectively. Affan is the real dan auta at 5 years old.

"Mama na come with us so that we can discuss about everything peacefully." Mammie said while she and Mama stood up.

She's referring to Ya Nana, she doesn't call her name because she's named after our maternal grandmother(Goggo).

"Eldest daughter's benefits, I get a say in everything." Ya Nana bragged.

"No they are just trying to make you do everything." Suhayl laughed.

"Whatever." She walks out swaying her hips.

Smh and they say I'm childish.

I checked my phone and it's already pass 12. Wow we've been here for so long. We've been chatting about nothing and everything. Well except Ya Farha, *she's not that social* Nai'a and Affan.

"Good night everyone." I said while yawning

"Kar ki hadiye mu; don't swallow us" Suhayla teased and we all chuckled.


"Goodnight Jawjaw." They all replied.

I went to my room and jumped on my bed drifting into lala land.

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