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Where am i, who has taken me , all i remember is someone covering my mouth and taking me. I was kidnapped- its been two weeks and no one has been looking for me, not even my own boyfriend 'shawn'.

"Well well well isnt it lovely down here have you notice your a nobody no one is looking for you are they" the guy shout, i look down knowing hes right. " you can see it in your eyes amber you know im right nobody loves you they all just use you"he raises his voice a bit.

I try to scream but nothing works , the guys picks a bat from the corner of the room- and charges at me, i closed my eyes ready for the impact but all i heard was a thud.

I look up and my eye's met with the one and only 'shawn mendes', "babe omg" he unties me and plants kisses all over my face hugging me. "Thankyou shawn you saved me i love you" i whisper
"By the way it isnt true we all love you everyone has been looking for you - there all devastated but they will be happy" shawn hugs me and plantes kisses on my neck.

I go to stand up but fall down "awe is my baby weak" i nodded and he pickes me up bridal style and runs out the house to the car. "Babygirl you dont know how much i missed you i havent slept in days i was always crying" he spoke.

"Im hear now no need to worry and there is no need to worry because you are my"

You are my life saver


Hey this one is a special request for breeandamber soo all credits go to amber who requested this i hoep you all enjoy

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