"Rosie! Please! Ugh, why Justina! Why do you always have to drive away my friends!" Jordan yelled. Justina pursed her lips and then chuckled deviously. "Oh boo-hoo Jordy. C'mon I mean seriously? She's probably drunk off her Irish ass all the time!" she said. He scoffed. "Yeah right. Justina she happens to be the most perfect girl I've ever met...unlike you," he said. Justina clentched her fists. "How dare you say that! I'm the most perfect girl that anyone in the whole state of Maryland has met!" she yelled at him. He rolled his eyes and got closer. "Just leave me and Rosie alone," he said furiously at her. Jordan then walked away and caught up to Rosie right before she got to the door of the dorms. He gently wrapped his arm around her shoulder and rubbed it. "Rosie I...I'm so sorry about Justina," he whispered softly to her. She sniffled and looked at him. "She wouldn't have been rude to me if she didn't even know me...she didn't even bother to know my name Jordan!" she sobbed into his chest. She hugged him so tight that she was worried she would break his circulation of blood in his torso. He hugged her tight, as well.

      "Rosie please forgive me," he said, rubbing her back. "I will do anything for you to forgive me," he said. She sniffled and smiled at him. "I forgive you," she said. He sighed in relief and smiled at her. She wiped away the last few tears. "Well?" she asked him. "Well what?" She smirked. "Are we going to go in?" Jordan chuckled and said, "That's what she said." Rosie began to laugh and so did Jordan. He opened the door for her and smiled. "Ma'lady," he said. She smiled and curtsied, and then walked into her dorm. He smiled and stared at his feet. Just as he was about to leave to go around campus to his dorm, Rosie came back out and kissed him on the cheek. He was surprised at first, but then smiled. "What was that for?" he asked. She blushed. "You're different...and I like different people. That's why," she said. She kissed his nose and walked back in. He stood there for a second, blushing.

       "I like you too, Rosie," he said to himself happily. He then began walking to his dorm.

     Rosie sat on a bed in her room. There was another bed across from her. "I wonder who else is going to be here," she thought. Then she heard the door open and she went downstairs. She still had her bag with her , and when she saw who it was he dropped it. That blonde hair styled in a big poof, the tan skin that made her look like she was muddy, the bright blue eyes that shoone like the moon. It was Justina. She saw Rosie and started applying lip gloss. "Mmmm...mango madness. My fave kind of lip gloss. Maybe Jordan will like it, too," she taunted. "Whatever. You don't know who you're dealing with. I suggest you stop trying to be better than me and just stick to being fake. You're better at that...aren't you?" Rosie said. Justina grunted and stormed upstairs to her room. She called up her friend Angelina for help. "Well you know how Irish people are hot-heads, Justy! Just don't get mad at her," she suggested. Justina sighed. "I guess you'e right...but you need to understand what happening here. Heart breaking is harder than it looks."

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