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"Babe im feel like im dying"shawn says. "why" i asked- "because i have really bad headache i cant think properly and its at the back of my head, see dying" shawn dramatically says

"You have a migraine which means you have to take medicine" i say, i know shawn hates medicine and he will refuse but if he want to get better hes got to take it. "No no no"shawn shouts.

I walked to the landing "manny , karen shawns got a migraine  and he needs medicine"- they both replied with comming, 2 minutes later they came in. Karen hoilding the syringe- she walks over to shawn

"Mum no please mummmmm please i will do anything" he begged , "im sorry but take it for me you need it to feel better" karen asked.

2 hours has passed

"I will not take it"shawn shouts, i saw leo and picked him up "if you do not take this i will take leo away from you and never ever bake muffins for you ever again" i say - shawn's mouth dropped while he was in deep thought Karen slips in the medicine and shawn swallowed it without meaning to.

He runs up to me "please please please can i have muffins and leo" i nodded my head yes "i love you shannon" shawn said "i love you to shawniee" i replied with that shawns lips smash onto mine.


Hey i know this is short sorry im really ill i will try do all your requests soon its at the moment i cant ly all also Shannon1300 i hope you like this all credits giving to shannon.

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