chapter 13.

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"What do you think of Xukun?"

She put her coffee down and looked at me with a serious expression. Then she started to talk and my whole attention was on her.

"I like-"

Y/N couldn't finish the sentence because my phone started to ring. I looked annoyed at my phone and read the name: Jackson.

"Sorry I've got to take this one.." excusing myself I picked the phone up with a "Yeah? What's up?"

Jackson started to talk in a loud voice. "What the f*ck are you up to?"

I got confused an asked what he meant. Then he stopped for a minute and talked again.

"What are you doing with her?" he asked in a quiet voice.

"Oh! You mean.." I looked at her and she just gave me a confused gaze back. "Just think what you want to."

He sighed and whispered. "I see everything." then he hung up.

While looking at the screen I whispered to myself "Creep"

Y/N stared at me with a questioning face. I smiled at her and told her not to worry about it. After that we talked and continued to drink our coffees.

One hour passed and we walked back to the dorm. She talked a lot like always. But mostly about how well the guys were doing in dance practice.

When we arrived at her room she wanted to walk in and say goodbye but I stopped her by grabbing her wrist. She looked at my hand and asked what's wrong.

"I asked you a question today. About Xukun.."

She thought some seconds and remembered again. "You see.. about him.."

But someone stopped her. It was a guy. Surprisingly it was Jackson.

What's with him today..

Giving him a sign with a annoyed face that he should leave Jackson talked anyway.

"She doesn't have to tell you anything." Jackson said an glared at me.

I laughed sarcastically. "Huh? Why don't you mind your own business?"

He stepped forward and pushed me slightly away. "You should get a grip of yourself. You should know what you're doing here."

I wanted to start talking but he cut me off. "Don't you dare play with her. I know you don't mean it serious. And even if you do, I won't allow you to lay a finger on her."

Speechless, I stood there and tried to get any words out of my mouth. Jackson walked away and escorted her in her room. She turned to me and thanked me for today.

Strangely Jackson walked into her room too.

*Jackson's POV*

I closed the door behind us and Y/N turned around.

Slowly I walked towards her and stopped. "Don't think of it in a strange way. I have no interest in you.."

She laughed which surprised me. "Yeah I know. Thanks for saving me. I felt really uncomfortable there."

I tilted my head spoke up. "I totally didn't expect that. I thought you would be mad."

She smiled and turned away. I watched her back and talked about Xukun. "Maybe you'd be mad if I told you that I gave Xukun an advice about you."

Y/N looked at me with her eyes widened. "What did you tell him?"

I sighed. "I told him to distance himself from you. You have to understand me. It's important for him to debut. He can't, if he has a girlfriend."

She changed her attitude and looked hurt. Y/N started to sigh heavily. "I know. I know that so well." She whispered.

With teary eyes she looked at me and smiled. "If you could.."

I got her hint. "Oh yeah of course.."

With her following me, I made my way to the door. I turned around one last time. "Cheer up Y/N."

She nodded and smiled at me. "Thanks Jackson."

Then I left her alone in her own room.


Do you like it more if I make them speak more? Or should I cut the dialogues off? '^^

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