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"Hey momma." I greeted as I walked through my familiar house, a flurry of pheromones filling my nostrils, a sign that many people have been in my house.

Mom was laying on the small couch, snoring and another man that I didn't recognize was laying on there with him. I rolled my eyes in annoyance as I walked past the couch and into the kitchen.

He could at least clean up after himself.

I looked around the little house that mom and I have lived in ever since I can remember. Everything was the same. A little quaint. A little dirty. A little drafty. But it was still my precious home. It's all I've ever known. I've grown used to the small space and it's comfortableness.

I walked into my room with the floor creaking under me to see my little brown blankets on the floor. I sighed and picked them up, placing them on the little table in my room.

They must've done it in my room.

I placed the bag filled with the clothes that I was wearing before on the floor and I looked in the mirror at the well dressed stranger standing in front of me.

"Who am I?" I asked as my eyes met my reflection's, "Who are you?"

"J-Jimin?" I heard mother hiccup from the living room, his voice so small that I almost didn't hear him.


"Can you come out here? I wanna see you."

I exited my small room to enter the living room. He was still laying on the couch but his eyes were wide open, "Yes?"

He looked my way and smirked lazily, a look of satisfaction resting upon his cheeks. I could immediately tell that he was drunk, "You look like a little prince, Jiminie."

I half smiled, "Thanks, momma."

He slowly pushed himself up and sat up on the couch, patting the spot next to him, "Come and sit,"

I did so and sat next to him.

"I just wanna tell you something, my Jiminie." He placed a hand on my shoulder and I realized how similar we actually are. Our small figures, our almond eyes, our distinctive facial features.. we even had the same small hands.

"I'm listening,"

He cleared his throat and looked at me straight in the eyes, "You are my son."

I nodded, this fact being obvious but whenever mom was drunk, I didn't dare to question him or his ideologies.

"This means that you are an omega." A little string in my heart was being pulled roughly because of those seven words, "And you will never be able to change."

"Everyone in this hellhole of a world says that omegas are useless creatures that only know how to have sex, but.." he hiccuped and grabbed both of my shoulders so we were facing each other completely, "We're good at one more thing."

I titled my head sideways a bit, confused, "And what is that?"

"Controlling people."

My eyes widened and I could feel my heart start to speed up subconsciously.

"The world circles around lust. To us omegas, there's nothing that we can do better than spreading our legs and just fuck." He hiccup and smiled, "That's what we were put on this earth to do, and the sooner we realize this, the better our lives can be."

It was silent for a moment until I broke it, "H-How?"

He giggled, "Well... the key to controlling anyone is acting like you love them and then they eventually start to feel the stupid emotion called love. That's when they'll do anything for you and when you're through with 'em, just throw them away."


"No buts, Jiminie. We've been looked at as disposable trash bags that they can just fuck and throw away." He said, his bubbly smile completely leaving his face, "It's time for them to be disposable. Not us."

I could feel my body start to tremble in fear of my mother. I've never seen such malice in his brown eyes. Who had scarred him this bad?

"Love doesn't exist. It's just something created by Luna to trick us into believing in her 'infinite power' or whatever." He scoffed.

I gulped and nodded, "Yes, momma."

His nostalgic smile reappeared on his face and he let go of his death grip on my shoulders, "No problem, baby."

I blinked once or twice and remembered the large man who was laying on the couch behind mom.



"Who's that man?" I pointed behind him at the large, fat man.

He turned around to look at the said man and giggled loudly, "Oh, I dunno."

He turned back to me, his lips upturned but the smile not reaching his eyes, "I was bored this morning so I just had some fun."

My expressed remained blank as I wondered why my mom was like this. He used to be so happy.

"Well, I'm gonna go and get some rest." I stated uncomfortably as I stood from the couch.

He nodded and laid his head back down on the armrest of the couch, "Goodnight, Jiminie."

I walked back into my room, "Night, momma."

I stripped Taehyung's suit off and folded it neatly, placing it on the table where the blankets were sitting. I slipped on a random pair of shorts and a shirt.

I laid down on the small single bed that was pressed against the wall and snuggled into the brown covers, humming a little song to sooth myself to sleep.

"Love doesn't exist. It's just something created by Luna to trick us into believing in her 'infinite power' or whatever."

He's right. No one could ever love a piece of omega trash like me. I continued to hum and eventually all I could see was a comforting darkness.

[author notes]

I've been really inspired lately.

Ideas are just flowing from my eyes into my thumbs and I just can't stop writing.

I don't know whether to be freaked out or happy😂

But I'm just going with the flow and letting the characters develop themselves.

Have a good day and thanks for reading!!

  Have a good day and thanks for reading!!

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