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"There are other things than sex I can do to you." He breathed out looking up at me with lustful eyes.

"Let's see." I responded lowly before being flipped over by Jasper, his frame above mine.

His arms trailed to my wrists pinning them beside my head, okay so he is clearly a Dom. His head trailed down to my neck leaving open mouthed kisses.

He sure could do other things than sex to please me.

I woke up and looked around, my head was layed on Jasper's bare chest. Oh shit we were naked, I grabbed the blanket and quickly covered my body.

"Sleep well?" Jasper asked his arm wrapped around my waist under the sheets.

"Amazing, you are amazing." I answered pulling my head up to kiss his jaw, and again on his Adams apple causing him to smirk down at me.

"You learn to do things without sex when you don't do it for over one hundred years." Jasper stated like a cocky fuck.

"One hundred years? I would think you would at least do it with another vamp." I exclaimed looking up at him wondering how he did it.

"Every vampire has a mate, it's a way of staying faithful to them." Jasper responded looking down at me smiling.

".. bath?" I suggested smiling untangling myself from the sheets.

"Gladly." He stated following me into the bathroom in my room. I turned on the hot water allowing it to run for a bit, I walked to the mirror and exaimimed myself noticing dark red and purple hickeys on my neck, chest and thighs.

"You look beautiful." He stated from behind me as he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling my back flush against him.

I responded by leaning my head back on his shoulder. Eventually the bathroom got steamy and we decided it was good to get in now.

I hoped under the burning water wincing at the heat but soon relaxing under it. Jasper sat down at the bottom before pulling me down to lean on his chest.

He started to get board so he wrapped his arms around my front, one of his hands were playing with my chest and the other was playing with my core.

He had two fingers circling my clit before he eventually sent two in causing me to moan out before he shushed me.

"Gotta be quiet doll, we aren't alone." He whispered into my ear before going back to kissing my neck. His finger started pumping in me faster and faster before he added a third, he had to expect me to cry out due to him covering my mouth.

He had three finger in me when his thumb started to play with my clit. His other hand released my mouth and went back to my thigh gripping it as I felt his own erection on my back.

I knew I was getting close the feeling of his finger almost sending me over the edge. My arm was clutching his arm that was at my core.

I moaned out loudly as his fingers curled hitting the right spot, causing my back to arch out. I came around his fingers before he eased me down from my high. He pulled out before pulling the drain on the tub and getting out of the tub.

He grabbed a towel and wrapped around his hips. He came to the tub and picked me up bridal style and set me on the toilet seat, before putting a towel over my shoulders.

"You are amazing, thank you Jazz." I repeated what I said before smiling, still shocked and coming down from the high.

"Anything for you darlin." He responded his accent coming out which caused me to smile, he leaned down and pecked my lips.

I eventually got up and went to the bedroom, I grabbed Jaspers shirt from the tracker night and put that on with a fresh pair of panties.

I turned around and saw Jasper layed out on the bed in boxers and his shirt with his hands behind his head. I came around to the bed before sitting on his lap, feeling his still hard on through his boxers.

"Now it's my turn to take care of you." I stated smiling, leaning my head down to kiss his neck, I lifted my head allowing our lips to meet in a hungry kiss.

I dragged my teeth across his bottom lip as he moaned out, my hands working on the waistline of his boxers. I pulled them down taking his member in my hands, running my thumb over his tip.

I brought my head down to his hips leaving open mouthed kisses along them as my hand stroked up and down his shaft.

I moved my mouth to the tip taking it in my mouth and pulling away with a  pop before taking him fully, humming so I wouldn't gag.

His hands brought my hair into a hand ponytail, using it to bob my head up and down on him. He was getting rougher, thrusting his hips up to meet my mouth as I took him completely.

He moaned out loudly and twitched in my mouth so I knew he was close. He pushed my head down all the way before shooting his load in the back of my throat. He leaned his head back against the pillows, coming down from the high.

He pulled out as I swallowed it before cleaning my mouth with a Kleenex. He pulled his boxers up as I leaned over towards the trash, throwing the tissue away.

I looked at the clock and it read 12PM. I walked over to the bed allowing myself to be pulled into Jazz's arms before he pulled the fluffy cover over both of us.

Instead of speaking he clicked off the lamp and rested his head in the crook of my neck. He may not sleep but being with me was enough I guess.

"Sleep.. you've got to be tired." He stated before kissing my forehead.

I fell into a deep, comfortable sleep while being held by the love of my life.

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