chapter 20: bunny

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I am in my room with my bunny , you thought how I bring a bunny in this mansion the answer is easy you know ken hyung.


"Hyung please let me take him with me in my room I don't let any one see this and left him in the garden after I played with him you know my window open on the garden direction". I said

"no what if he start running in the mansion and went to Justin room he kill all of us and speacially the little bunny "

"hyung please I want to play with him for a little while"

"no you didn't"

"Pretty please I know you are good hyung"

"this method not apply on me jack, by prasing me you not get what you want"

"hyung~~" I said in a low tone while puckering my lips

"don't pout I told you before"

"hyung I just want to play with him" I mumble and look him

"don't look at me with those big sad almond eyes"

"hyung please"

"okay okay but only in your room "

"yeah you are really good hyung " I said while hugging his arm in excitement because ithink they don't like hugs.


"You know bunny you look like someone I saw but I cant remember who?" I said to my bunny

Yeah I am talking to the bunny, I like to talk with animals (I do when I am youger hahahaha) I really miss my puppy in the animals care shop where I works. I place him beside me and lay on the bed and start running my finger in his fur and drift to sleep.


I wake up and see beside me and saw nothing: where the bunny oh God don't tell me he escape from this room. I look up and saw Justin standing in front my room door and staring at something the corner of my bed. I look down and saw the poor bunny there. What I do know

" A-h I th-ink it came from my window sir"

"How your window is locked "

He really so clever, what should I do know I cant speak lie without stuttering.

" hmm, maybe it came from outside "I said while trying to move toward the bunny and I pick him

"leave it" he said coldly



"but its just a bunny I take him from where he came"

"No you didn't I should call someone to kill him"

" ple-ase don't do that, I bring him here" I mumble the last part


" I bring him from the garden because I want to play witnhh him for a while" I said when someone enter the room with grey hair I think his name is zack

" sir what happen" he ask

"shoot that thing" Justin said

"N-o please its all my fault dont kill " I plead and hide the bunny with my hand"

" I cant see someone killing a harmless creauture" I explained

"I didn't kill but let him down "

"but what if you shoot it"

"no I didn't do that "

" okay but I bring him so I take him back "

"WHAt the hell!"


"Okay zack go with him"

"okay sir" he said and then the boss left

"lets go you are lucky that he left it alive otherwise he kill it because he hates bunnies "zack told me and then I left the bunny in the garden.

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