Chapter 16

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''What about my tears ?'' I wipped my eyes, saw red on my fingers and looked at Jonghyun scared. ''That's blood ? Oh my god what's happening ?'' asked Eunbi scared. ''Maybe it's because of...'' ''Because of ?'' pushed Woobin. ''He had a vision...'' whispered Yongguk ''A vision ? But that mean're pure blooded ?'' asked Wonshik ''I don't know ! It just happened ! I don't...'' I started to cry remembering the vision i just had. ''What happened baby ?'' asked gently Jonghyun hugging me. ''I....We were in a bright white room ornated with gold were holding our baby when i move to stand between you and a man and then...I got stabbed in the chest....You were so chocked and our baby was crying so hard...'' I couldn't stop crying. ''It's ok baby....I'll make sure it won't happen...Calm down cutie pie...'' He hugged me rubbing circle on my back.

POV Jonghyun

I hugged him against me until he fell asleep. ''Do you think it will happen ?'' i asked Yongguk. ''Most probably...but it can change !'' ''I hope...I really don't like this...What if his visions harm the baby ? What if it's hurting him ?'' ''I don't think it impact the body or the baby ! It's mainly his mind that can be damaged !'' explained Kibum's brother. ''I don't like it either !'' I stood up and walked to our tent then i set him down. ''We're going to bed...Good night !'' I closed the zip and layed behind my cute boyfriend. I pressed him against my body gently caressing his belly. ''Don't worry baby i'll take care of you...of both of you....Daddy love you....''I kissed his shoulder before nuzzling my nose in his neck falling asleep to his sweet scent. My sweet Taemin...what are you hiding from me...I know you didn't said everything that happened in you vision...Why.... I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of sob. ''Taemin ? Baby are you ok ? Are you hurt ? Did he came again ?'' ''No no...It's just....this vision is still haunting me...'' ''Tell me what really happened....'' ''We were talking and laughing at our cute daughter when a man came in really angry...i don't know if it was after you or me but he wanted to kill our baby....You couldn't move because she was sucking your finger so when he charged toward you i stood in the way...he stabbed me in the were crying silent tears while our child was crying loudly....I cried too and kept saying that i was happy i did it and that i loved you both so much....i said that i was going to miss you and you kept repeating that i wasn't going to die and that i couldn't leave you that you loved me...You came to me with our little girl and kissed me on the forehead...i kissed our daughter and i kissed you before dying...''

I teared up a bit picturing it and held him tightly to me. ''It won't happen i swear to you....I will never let anything happen to you ! I love you Taemin and i will always protect you....'' i kissed him sweetly calming his tears. ''So...we'll have a daughter....Did you though of a name yet ?'' i asked changing subject. ''Ha-Neul ! Is that ok ?'' ''I love it baby....I'm so excited now ! Even more than before !'' he smiled tiredly and yawned a bit. ''Let's go back to sleep...'' i layed on my back and he let his head stay on my torso our legs tangled. I rubbed small circles on his shoulder with my finger tips. ''Jjong....'' ''Yes ?'' ''Can you sing to me please...'' ''Of course baby...'' I started to hum a bit before softly singing him to sleep. I kissed his head before falling asleep again. Morning came and i got up joining everyone for breakfast. ''Good morning ! How is he ?'' ''He cried last night so mainly scared and tired but i think he's ok !'' ''I wonder how it's going for the boys !'' said Eunbi. ''They must be ok ! Kibum is a good cook !''

POV Kibum

Awoken at 7 by hands shaking me i knew.....''What is it honey...'' ''I want watermelon...'' ''We're nearly in December....there isn't watermelon...go back to sleep...'' ''But i want something sweet ! Blueberries !'' ''Honey please i'm dead tired...'' ''But...i really want blueberries...'' i heard sniffling and frowned before sitting down. ''Ok Ok calm down honey no need to cry...'' i got up and dressed before leaving home. I came back Minho was sleeping burried in Jinki's side making me quiet jealous. ''YAH !! You wake me up at 7 for fucking fruits and when i come home you're sleeping !'' ''But i'm tired....'' ''Do you know how exhausted i am ? You kept me up until past 4 am ! You oblige me to get up for apples and blueberries and when i'm out you sleep against Jinki warm under the covers !! Are you serious Minho !'' I was really pissed and upset. I looked at Jinki who was a bit dazed and Minho tears at the corner of his eyes. ''I'm sorry Ki...Don't be angry...'' ''Don't cry please...i didn't meant to's just that i'm tired and you still woke me up...'' ''I'm sorry...'' ''Come back to bed darling...'' I sight and layed down. ''How is it going with the egg ?'' i asked softly savoring Minho's warmth. ''Well...I think it's gonna hatch this week...'' ''I'm so not ready to let my sleep go away...'' ''Well you should have though about it before you both enpregnanted me ! It's too late to regret it now !'' groaned Minho. ''I didn't said that !'' ''You were implying it !'' ''No ! I swear i wasn't !'' ''Minho calm down love....'' whispered Jinki. ''He literally said he regreted to have a baby with us !'' screeched our pheonix ''No he didn't !'' ''You know what ! Don't bother Jinki ! If i am a problem then i'm leaving ! I'm done with the bullying ! Good luck with that !'' I got up again, threw the bag on the bed and left to go to the library where i locked myself in. I really don't know why but since he layed the egg Minho is a bitch to me ! I have no idea why but now he seems to hate me...always screaming at me or making me do things, keeping me up all night long to wake me up early...always me never Jinki...he's a sweatheart to Jinx....Did i do something wrong ? Does.....Doesn't he love me anymore ?......What if he's trying to break the bound....will he make Jinki choose ? What if Jinki leave me....if they do.....if they break the bound...i wouldn't want to live anymore....without them i'm just as good as dead...

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