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before this chapter starts I want you to go and follow this amazing person that helpped me write this chapter of 5k words. I am stunned I don't think I could've have done that on my own.
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it was another great morning, especially for taehyung. he woke up wrapped around his lover's strong arms, the older male's scent making taehyung feel like he was in cloud nine.

he then slowly oppened his eyes, poking jeongguk's cheek gently, soft giggles slipping from the youngers cherry tinted lips.

'jeonggukie!! wake uuup!! you promissed me a date!!'

The feeling of his cheeks being touched and the sound of his lover made jeongguk slowly come back from his slumber

He pried his eyes open and is then greeted by the sight of the younger smiling and gigging at him. jeongguk chuckles and wraps his arms around the other tighter and nudges his face into the soft hair proceeding to close his eyes

'Yah! Don't sleep on me now, the earlier we get up the more things we can do!'

the older groaned at the cute behavior of the other, pecking his cheek and pulling him to his chest.

'shh, baby. let's just cuddle for a bit..'

'but jeonggukie!!!!we cuddled before we fell asleep and we cuddled while we were asleep-'


'fine!! but you'll have to buy me some cotton candy.'

the smaller male buries his face in the crook of his boyfriend's neck, whining softly like a little kitty.

'jesus, dolly. why are you always so bratty in the morning.'

'I am hungry, dada.'

'We'll go out in a few minutes and eat whatever you want"

The younger made a sound of disapproval and squirmed in the tight hug, looking up at the male's closed eyes

'how long is a few minutes then, daddy?'


taehyung's mouth gaped open in shock as his eyes stared at the other, gripping tighter onto jeongguk's shirt.

'But that's too long! I'm gonna starve!'

'shh..daddy is tired.'

the older kissed taehyung's nose making him blush and look down, his puffy cheeks rosy.

'o-okay dada..just five minutes. only because you helped me with that really mean mean guy!'

'that's nothing, sweetie. you know I could kill even the president for you. anything to make my little angel happy.'

'thank you jeonggukie. I love you so much.'

'I love you too baby'

As promised, the two cuddled for five more minutes before finally getting up to ready themselves

taehyung was first to leave the bed only to rush to the bathroom leaving the older alone on the bed

'we lost five minutes in a day, we have to be quick!'

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