Chapter 2

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Violet's POV

Yow guys!

It's me again!

I want to congratulate myself.

The old weak and stupid girl was finally gone!

I built a fierce personality.

I want to surprise them, because I'm a completely different person now.

a new mindset.

a new outlook.

a new soul.


I snap back in reality when she calls me out, using her cute little voice.

"You startled me baby, what's wrong?"

"You're not listening to me."-she said and pout her lips.

Aw, cute!

"My apologies! Pardon me baby, I didn't hear you."

"Didn't hear?"-she asked and laughed.

What the?

"Yes, because you're out of your mind mom."

"No, I'm not."

"Hihi- In denial!"

"Ah, ganun ah.."-I said and tickle her that makes her giggle.

"M-Mom, s--stop na, h-ihi!"

"Okay. Now tell me, what did you just say a while ago?"

"I think papa is acting weird.."

"He is always weird, there's nothing new baby."

We both laughed and looked at him while coming in here.

He sat beside us.

"Look partner, gabi na naman."

"And, so?"-I asked.

"Yung iba haggard na, habang ako gwapo pa rin!"-he proudly said.

I rolled my eyes and started to pack my things up.

"Papa' partner, I think you're just hungry."

I laughed.

Basag! pffft--

"I'm not hungry baby, I'm just wondering about my looks. Kapag gwapo ba.. Gwapo na talaga??"

Napailing ako, habang nagkibit-balikat naman si Zariah.

"You're not the type to emote much, Partner! So stop the drama and go outside."


"To prove your handsome indeed."-I said, straightforwadly.

He gasped.

What do you expect from me?


"Just kidding! Go now, and buy some snacks partner!"

"Mabuti pa nga! Ang hard mo sakin!"

Well, I'm not Violet..

If I'm not harsh to him.

"Thanks, partner!"

"Sama,kuuuh! Papa, I want to come!"

Partner looked at me, na parang nag papaalam kung pwede.

"Okay, take care huh!"

They gave me a goodbye kiss and wave their hands, before they leave.

I'm not afraid because they know how to defend themselves.

And ofcourse I trust my partner that he will take good care of our baby girl.

Zariah Zaine

She is one of the best that happened in my entire life--

and I will never ever regret having her in my life, because she brought me back to life.

She also gave new meaning to this empty world of mine.

She fills my heart and soul with so much love.

I will do anything and everything for Zariah, because I can't bare to lose my baby girl.

After I packed our things, I took my phone on the side table.

I cleared my throat because I will record my voice.

“Hello guys! Can't wait to see you all in a little bit. It's nice to get back in there. I love you all, mwa!"

After that, I send it only to mom.

Coz' I know they will listen to it, together..

Aish! I miss them, superb!

I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes.

I will take a rest first, while waiting for my Partner and my Baby.

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