Lumirius: II

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It was a Saturday, and Hoseok had nothing to worry about. Except his 'aunt' called, Wendy's mother, in the early morn of that Saturday telling him she's been sick since yesterday evening - the day she got detention and when they got caught in rain.

Hoseok feels the desperation of her voice, asking if he could please stay in the house for half a day because she has an important meeting and her husband is abroad on a business trip.

Shit. How timely.

At that moment, it was as if Hoseok felt the heavens decided to connive against him. It was just one time that he took care of Wendy and he vowed to never let it happen again. But it was the same reason that he found himself agreeing to her mother's request - he didn't want them to experience that.

So it was then when Hoseok found himself in front of her house at 7 in the morning, a key in his hand which he used to open the door slowly.

Wendy's mom was nice enough to prepare a soup for her breakfast that Hoseok should reheat once Wendy wakes up. He went inside the house dressed in comfortable clothing.

He walked upstairs to check on her in her bedroom. His heart thudding, his hands clammy as he expected the worst.

You see, Wendy is not herself when she's sick. She never remembers any of it, but her body runs on it's subconscious and sometimes unconscious thoughts and wants. Basically, he feels like he's taking care of a drunk Wendy - all her restrictions gone. Hoseok calls it her alter ego; her shadow.

He slowly peeked inside her room and found it quiet and organized. A big lump in the middle of her bed which he assumed to be his bestfriend sleeping soundly. But a sudden movement from her bathroom caught his eye and he panicked.

No, no, no, no. She's not supposed to be awake yet.

He was hoping he could buy some time by allowing her to sleep more:

Wendy sleeping = Lesser opportunities for disaster.

He ran to the bathroom and found her wearing pyjamas. Half of it unbuttoned. She has a flush on her face and her eyes were unfocused, her face wet with water.

"My God, Wan-ah, why are you up?" He said as he assisted her to go out of the bathroom. She regarded him, as if trying to remember who he is.

"Hoseokie~" she giggled, like a drunkard, "I feel so hot. So hot." She said as she plopped on her bed and started to unbutton her pyjama.

"Ack. No. Let me get you a towel." He said as he quickly covered her with a blanket, which was a bad idea as the sick girl simply kicked it off and her fingers found her pyjama buttons again. Hoseok quickly ran downstairs, got a basin and filled it with water, afterwards he sprinted upstairs, got a washcloth and dipped it in the water.

Only to find himself staring at a half naked Wendy when he went back. Well, she had successfully removed the upper part of her pyjama and only her bra remained. Hoseok tried his best not to look at all that inviting, untainted skin and instead sponge bathe her.

This is torture. Who's sane enough to do this kind of thing?

Wendy shifted on her bed, so that she's facing Hoseok who was at the edge of her bed. Quickly, the boy covered her with a blanket. But the girl was stubborn, seeking for a source of cold relief which she found in the form of Hoseok's hand holding the washcloth.

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