30 (Words)

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"Yes boyfriend, got a problem?" Namjoon asked as Jin's whole body was shaking. "You don't want to?"

Jin shook his head and sighed "I do but I don't even know you properly and maybe this is goig too fast and to be honest I've never been in a relationship so I don't even know how it'll work and-"

Namjoon cut jin off by hovering his finger on his lips "shh you speak too much." He whispered.

Namjoon pulled away from the paralysed jin and awkwardly laughed "I don't want to force you or anything, I just really like you." The younger looked down at his feet, making Jin's eyes water.

"I n-never knew y-you liked me in th-that way..." He stuttered but then smiled "I like you too but let's take this slower."

Namjoon nodded "Whatever you say."

To make the room less awkward, jin grabbed the remote and put a movie on. "I like Anabelle, jungkook said it's a funny comedy movie that's got cute dolls in it."

"Do you not like scary films?" the younger asked, hoping he would if he really knew what Anabelle was about.

"I hate them, I always end up getting nightmares."

"Clearly you don't know what's coming for you then."

"So how did you find the movie?"

Jin was paralysed, his hands were shaking. But all throughout the movie, namjoon was hugging him and secretly laughing.

"Jungkook's such a bitch." Jin mumbled under his breath "can I sleep here?" Jin hesitated in asking at first but then thought that it wold be good because Anabelle could be anywhere near him.


Namjoon picked up jin because he was already sleeping. He stared at Jin for a while then smiled.


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