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operation save Naruto is a go with the help of Itachi

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Sasuke had to wait a couple of days before he was able to use his Sharingan again but during the waiting he had talked to Itachi about the whole Naruto being in some time of jutsu that caused him to be haunted by his own nightmare.

Itachi had agree to help sasuke out cause kyuubi was worried about his little brother and also because he missed the blond bright up the day with his morning smiles and saying good morning and also the cubs missed Naruto a lot.


Today was the day that day of Operation save Naruto was on a go but Sasuke was gonna have to wait til he could go home cause you know school and the exam's was coming up in a couple of months to sigh.

Sakura had returned to school as well and would talk to Ino or Sai but then would bother Sasuke right after.

"hey sasuke-kun" she says while smiling at him "hi" sauske says while thinking about something "if there something on your mind" she asks leaning on his desk "hn" sasuke only hummed not paying her any attention.

"is it about the up coming exam or something else" Sakura asks "hn" sasuke only replied with while sakura kept guessing what it was that he was thinking about "is it Naruto" sakura says while scrunching up her nose "hn" sasuke only replied with again getting annoyed.

Menma gets up as he looks at Sakura "can you just leave him alone this really isn't the time, day, or month to be talking to him" he says glaring at Sakura who looked over at him "I'm just trying to help" she says while sasuke rolled his eyes and looked away from the two even more annoyed.

'just a few more hours then school is over and I can go home' Sasuke thought as his ear soon twitches "alright class time to start" Kakashi says as Sakura and Menma separated and went to their seats.

As class started Sasuke felt like he was being watched his eyes shifted from the left to the right though he didn't see anyone even looking at him he turned his head to the left to see out the window then looked left behind him to see Ino as they make eye contact, he rolled his eyes and looked away.

He look in front of him to listen to what ever Kakashi was talking about.

With Ino was looked down at her work and started to text her boyfriend Sai about their plan and about how they might have to go to plan B.


Lunch time 

Sasuke was sitting at the table with Sasukie, Menma, Kiba, Shino, Gaara, and Lee they were all talking well except for Sasuke and Gaara though menma only talked when ever he was interested in the topic or he was talked to.

Sasuke ears soon perks up as he turned to see Sai walking up to him"what" he asked "can we talk Sasuke" Sai asks smiling "no" Sasuke says "but I'll only be for a few minutes" Sai says trying again "my bro said no leave him alone Sai he's not in the mood" Sasukie says, defending his brother since he could tell that Sasuke was getting annoyed and he didn't like it when sasuke got mad.

CAN WE HAVE SASUKE UCHIHA TO THE FRONT OFFICE PLEASE! The person on the intercom says threw the speakers  as the raven haired wolf got up "see ya" Sasuke says patting his brother's head then left the cafeteria though he wasn't alone in the hall way he could tell since he heard foot steps following him.

Sasuke went to his locker and grabbed his bag then closed his locker once he head his things and kept walking but soon felt like he was going to get attacked as he daughed his attacker as he growled at them and glared before he started running.

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