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"come on taehyung! it'll be fun!"

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"come on taehyung! it'll be fun!"

the younger rolled his eyes as he tried to pull his arm out of namjoon's grasp. the elder insisted though, proceeding on trying to drag taehyung to the corner of the room.

"hyung, i really don't want to." taehyung complained but namjoon only groaned, grip tightening on taehyung's already red arm. "i'm not a nanny, okay?"

namjoon looked at the gray haired male with a look that said 'are you fucking kidding me?'. taehyung got that look a lot, especially from namjoon since he often said a lot of stupid things out of context.

"what?" taehyung raised both of his arms in a shrug. "it's true anyways." the blonde sighed in frustration and smiled.

"it's not being a nanny, taehyung," namjoon corrected and taehyung crossed his arms, eyebrows raised. namjoon's eyes widened as he ran out of words to defend himself with. "i-it's about..um.."

"ha!" taehyung cut off before namjoon could even finish. "you're asking me to be a nanny, and i'm not taking it."

taehyung was nearly about to leave before namjoon grabbed his sore arm again and turned him around. "what?"

"okay, okay." the elder started. "i'll take you out for food for two weeks after i get back from the trip."

now it was taehyung's turn to look at him with the look. "really? two weeks? is that all you've got hyung?"

namjoon groaned. "fine, three weeks."

this brought a huge smile on taehyung's face and he held a thumbs up, making namjoon cuss underneath his breath at how manipulative his friend was. but that was just taehyung in general.

"so, you're agreeing?" the elder smiled genuinely this time and taehyung brought a finger to his chin as if he was deep in thought. namjoon felt like jumping off a skyscraper. "you're still thinking?! wow, i thought you already decided with the food thing.."

taehyung laughed as he playfully punched namjoon's shoulder. "i'm just kidding," he chuckled and namjoon glared at him. "yeah, i accept."

"good." namjoon answered and pointed at taehyung's chest as if he was accusing him of something. "seokjin hyung would be so happy if he was here right now, i'm telling him about this later-"

namjoon suddenly paused and taehyung furrowed his eyebrows at him. "oh yeah, i'm texting you the list of rules for the babysitting tomorrow-"

taehyung furrowed his eyebrows even more if it was even possible.

"a list of rules? what's the need for that?"

"you'll see."


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hihihi so first chApter is uP woOhOo

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