Part 32 (3)

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Georgie: Oh god Lucy are you OK?

Lucy: Yes. I looked around and there was no-one. But his shadow... it wasn't mine, and I felt breathing down my neck.

Georgie: That's freaky.

Lucy: Ikr. What do I do? Joshua won't speak to me.

Georgie: I'm unsure. Knock on his door?

Lucy: I've tried. He still won't answer. 

Georgie: ... Swear in Latvian? See if it triggers a reaction?

Lucy: Then he'll get annoyed!

Georgie: Just do it bro.

Lucy: Done. He gasped.

Georgie: Anything else?

Lucy: Kā tu varēji? Devil nebūs jums apmierināts, Lucija. Jums ir nopietnas briesmas. Esi kā es, Lucija. Atskan Georgie un gulējiet savā istabā mūžībā.

Georgie: Well what does that mean?

Lucy: 'How could you? The Devil will not be pleased with you, Lucy. You are in grave danger. Be like me, Lucy. Say goodbye to Georgie, and lie in your room for eternity.'

Georgie: What?! No! 

Lucy: I don't know what to do. I'm scared

Georgie: Smash a window or something. Run.


Georgie: Lucy, he's already mad. Saving him won't do anything.

Lucy: Yes it will. And how am I supposed to smash a window?

Georgie: Lock your bedroom door and smash the window with your shoe or something.

Lucy: Haven't you forgotten? I'm on the 2nd floor!

Georgie: Oh yeah...

Lucy: Ugh... I'll still try.

Georgie: Yeah. You shouldn't be that high up, right?

Lucy: Idk. I still don't fancy jumping from this high. 

Georgie: Go on. I'll use your SnapChat Map to guide you out of the forest.

Lucy: IF you can find me on that thing

Georgie: Wait... where ARE you?!

Lucy: Joshua's screaming something! I'm trying to smash the window but it won't break. What's he saying?!

Georgie: I dunno! But on this map, you're non-existent! 

Lucy: 'Nāve visiem, kas cenšas aizbēgt!'

Georgie: Death to all that try to escape...

Georgie: Lucy you need to run once you're out!

Georgie: Wait... Lucy?!?!

Georgie: Oh god LUCY!!!


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