Chapter 28, The invitation

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Owen gets back on his feet and sends me a smirk that I want to wipe off his face with a chair. A very large chair with spikes and poison and shit.

I start looking around for a suitable chair while the inner-gang finally walks in and makes them self comfortable on the modern couch that's in front of the fire-place. Matt pats the seat next to him and with a sigh, I drag myself over. Owen and the twins are sitting on the other couch while Sean, Matt and I share this one.

"Is it safe for me to sit here? Did anything happen on this couch?" Matt asks. He pushes back his blond hair to keep from laughing, but his brown eyes are practically wheezing. If eyes could wheeze that is.

"If you didn't interrupt me, it wouldn't have been safe anymore," I admit.

Owen sends me a smirk and says: "Oh, so you confess there's something between us?"

I put on my scariest smirk, "The only thing between us, is the knife I'll be stabbing you with. If Matt over didn't interrupt us, this couch would be stained with your blood."

"Tsk tsk tsk, so much violence, Goldy," Owen says.

I roll my eyes and send him the bird.

"I remember back in the day when I could keep count of this little banter war. But alas, Amber probably has about one billion points while Owen is still at zero," Matt sighs.

"That was a week ago," the twins correct.

"A week is a life time for a butterfly," Matt points out.

"Dude, are you a butterfly?" Sean asks.

"That would be amazing," Matt says.

"This is my inner-gang... Two dim-wits, Grumpy and a grown-ass guy that wants to be a butterfly," Owen sighs while trying to rub the creases from his brow.

"Quite the scary gang you guys are," I laugh.

It's so ridiculous. These fancy coat-wearing bastards are all softies really. It's pathetic in a cute kinda way and if one of the other gangs knew this, the East would be destroyed within seconds.

The again, Blake isn't Mr Indestructible either... As much as he like to think he is...

It's a battle of bleak boy on his lonely silver throne and copper boy in his blinding boxing ring.

"So, you guys got any news?" Owen asks his inner-gang.

The twins look at each other before they both look back at Owen. "The North is still holding its ball Saturday night," Ryan says. 

"Xavier didn't care much about us killing his guys after all," Bryan adds.

Owen snorts. "Of course they're still holding the ball. The north are a bunch of ass-kissing cowards. Xavier would never do anything against the East or West. We're too strong," Owen says.

My blood goes a little cold when I remember what Xavier told me Saturday. 

I'm getting rid of both the East- and West-side. And you, dear Amber Marigold, will be my weapon. 

This ball... Whatever the twins are talking about it must be Xavier's plan to get rid of Blake and Owen... And they have no idea that it's all a trap...

Should I warn them? Do I even care?

"A ball?" I ask the guys.

Matt turns to me, "Yeah, the North always holds a ball this time of year to discuss the territories and to renew the treaty," he explains, "It's a pretty old custom now."

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