The Spider and the Butterfly

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Inspired by this short film by Dragonfoxgirl on YouTube

Once there was a spider. And she lived in a hanging basket that hung lovingly from an abandoned home. She had lived there all her life, being the first born. Her mother gave her the pot, forcing the spiders sisters to move away. Now she was all alone.

She watched from her pot the large garden that stretched in front of her. The many butterfly's danced around with each other with love and delicacy. Their large colorful wings were beautiful compared to the spiders spindly legs.

The spiders eyes filled with tears, as she knew she could never fly. She started to crawl back into the darkness of the now wilted plant, but stepped on one thick magnolia leaf that had blown over. She picked it up and admired it for a moment. It looked to be as strong as a butterfly's wings. That was when she got an idea.

She spent all night spinning web and hanging it in her home, once she had enough she sewed it to the magnolia leaf, which she had cut into the shape of large, magnificent wings.

In the morning, she fastened them to her back and stood on the edge of her pot. Before jumping, the spider looked at the butterfly couples awakening and beginning to dance. The spider took a deep breath and, jumped.

Her happiness lasted only a moment, because she could not flap the wings, she fell. She hit the ground and when she awoken from her startling slumber she looked at her wings that she had spent so long making.

The spider looked up at the sky, filled with fear because she could not go back to the safety of her pot. Her mother would be ashamed if she were still alive.

Before the spider could weep her tears and was forced to find another home away from the waltzing butterfly's, a dark wing picked up the magnolia ones.

The spider looked up, and a very tall butterfly was smiling at her. He was dark, and his wings were now folded back over his body. He sat next to the spider and looked up at her pot with her.

She finally brought up the courage, "Why are you here?"

"We share the same dream." He replied.

"And what is that?" The spider asked.

The butterfly opened his wing, and the spider saw a devastating tear in it, "To fly."

The spider daintily looked at the wing, an idea sprouting from her mind. She told the butterfly and he quickly asked her to get on with it.

She spun web all morning, and once it dried she sewed the butterfly's wing back together.

"There," she smiled, "Now you can fly."

The butterfly exposed both wings, which were a majestically deep blue. The spider blushed in envy, but before she could say anything, the butterfly scooped her up and they flew around for the entire afternoon.

When the sky started to darken, the butterfly reluctantly placed the spider back into her pot. He didn't want to see her go.

Her eyes filled with tears as she started to wave goodbye, because even though he had stolen her heart that day, she knew he could never love her.

He smiled back and gave her a kiss, because she too had taken his heart, but he made one promise, "I will take you flying everyday."

The spider nodded a final goodbye, knowing that his promise would be broken, and as he flew away, she felt her heart break, because it was the one thing he left behind.

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