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you woke up by the sound of your loud alarm, you moved and then suddenly you felt liquid on your panty.

'it's my period.. agAiN?!'

you groaned as you get up, you had the urge to look up. but then you were only met with a sleeping face.

'holy man- he's literally glowing!'

then suddenly,

'holy guacamole! I dreamed of him!'

you shook away your not-so-innocent thoughts that dared to enter your very clean soul.. or not.

You slowly moved away from Jungkook, trying not to wake him up.

But he suddenly groaned. He placed his hand on your waist and pulled you closer to his body.

Jungkook thought it was his pillow.

Your face was so close to him, only a few inches away.

(A/N: I love clichés >~<)

You took a deep breath.

You: Jungkook... wake up.

You whispered while poking his arm.

Jungkook: Mom... it's too early.

You: I'm not your mom.

Jungkook opened his eyes, about to whine.

But when he saw your face so close to his,  he immediately closed his mouth.

You: A-are you just gonna keept staring at me or what..

Jungkook quickly looked away from you, and loosened his arms around your waist when he noticed it.

You get up as soon as Jungkook let go of you. You went to the bathroom, leaving Jungkook with a flustered face.

Jungkook: why do i lowkey liek her near me.

As soon as you entered the bathroom, you stripped and entered the shower, letting the cold water hit your skin. You shivered a bit from the coldness, but you chose to ignore the coldness and continued. you tried to forget about the dream, which you sadly failed to do so.

While on the other side, Jungkook also can't stop thinking about it. It felt like it really happened. But he couldn't help but find himself drooling over the sight of your body in the dream.

Jungkook: oh my god she's so sexy..

Jungkook suddenly smiled but immediately stopped and hit his head.

Jungkook: No. She's my sister.

Jungkook looked at the time and his eyes widened.

Jungkook: OH SHIT!


Mom: Bye~ Oh and also tour Jungkook in the school.

You: Alri— WAIT WHAT?

Your mom shoved you both out of the house before you could speak more.

You: You're going in my school?!

Jungkook: Isn't obvious?

Jungkook's red lips formed into a smirk, and raises his arm to hang it on your shoulder.

Your face formed into disgust and shoved his arm away.

You: Get you dirty hands away from me.

You heared Jungkook chuckle behind you as you both walk to school.




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