c h a p t e r s e v e n t e e n : m a y b e

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i don't love her.

there's no way.


Chaeyoung's POV

"Jimin.." i mumbled, "where could you be.."

i sat in the cafe down the street from school, tapping my foot. where is she..

"Chaeng!" i heard a voice exclaim from the door, she ran up to me wrapped her arms around me

"hey" i sighed

she sat across from me and smiled lightly, that smile. i missed it. "why'd you want to meet?" she asked

"you know Jimin, right?"

she nodded, "could you maybe give me his number?" i looked down at my drink awkwardly

"you.. you want his number?" she asked with a confused look

i sighed, "a friend of mine kind of has a.. thing with him and i need to meet up with him"

"Chaeyoung, i don't know if i can-"

"please, Nayeon" i begged, "it's important"

she finally gave in and wrote it down on a paper, "you owe me"

"deal" i snatched the paper and stuffed it in my pocket

"how are things?" she asked

"they're okay" i mumbled, "i mean.. lonely.. without you guys.."

"why'd you stop talking to us?" her sudden question stung a little

i sighed again, "everything with Mina hurt so much.. seeing you guys reminded me of how things used to be" she sighed too

"what about your boyfriend?" she asked, "we never even heard about him before you guys started dating"

"that's.. difficult" i mumbled, "Yoongi is technically my boyfriend.."


"i have to marry him" i said which caused her to shoot up in her chair as her eyes went wide

"how? why? when? what?"

i laughed bitterly, "my dad is making me. that's why Mina and i broke up.. that's why i didn't talk to you guys" i smiled weakly, "but he's a good guy, i do care about him. just not in that way"

"so why are you with him?"

"i sighed a contract" i sighed, "i have to marry him at the end of the semester in order to keep my family our money, house, everything"

"shit.." she mumbled, "that's stupid"

"how are things with you?" i asked, "still with Momo?"

she nodded with a smile, "we're thinking of living together when school ends"

"good" i smiled, "that makes me happy"

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