Battle Scars

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*Just to get you all excited the next chapter will be a new characters POV, not Tris or Tobias. Who do you think it'll be?*

Tris' POV

The next morning I do the same routine as yesterday. Debate whether to get up or not, have a shower, get dressed, dread the day ahead because of fighting and leave for breakfast. I woke up a bit later this morning so when I arrive at breakfast all my friends are there, minus Lynn. Everyone is crowded around someone. No, two people. When I get closer I see that one of them is Zeke. ZEKE! PROPOSAL! How'd I forget?! I mentally slap myself and sit next to Tobias. Everyone grins at me. "Well?" I ask, even though I know the answer. Shauna simply shows me her left hand. I gasp. It's amazing! How'd Zeke afford it? I mean, whoa. It's a thick black band with lots of diamonds and jewels incrusted into it. I congratulate the pair. They are so cute together. "So how's Lynn?" Uriah says as a hand collides with his head. Thank you Tobias. Zeke glares at his brother, so does Marlene. "My sister will come around soon. Honestly I think she's jealous. Oh well, she'll get over it or used to us." Shauna says, making sister sound like poison. Caleb and myself really never fought so for me siblings fighting is new. I mean we bickered on the odd occasion but that was for who's turn it is to set the table or cook dinner. I tune out for the rest of the conversation as it's just the girls talking about dresses and crap. Not me though. When Tobias and I leave Christina does too. "Tris, pleeease come dress shopping with us!"

"Chris it's in something like five months!"

"Yeah but come on! Please." I groan and agree, sending a squealing Christina off into the pit. Tobias sniggers next to me. "Find something amusing?" I ask him.

"Nope. Well I mean almost any other girl would say yes to shopping, not turn it down like it's poison."

"Is that why Dauntless shop and the Abnegation don't? Poison is dangerous and selfish." Tobias rolls his eyes but grins. I do too. We wipe them off though as soon as we reach the training room. The initiates are all ready to go. Excellent. There are some bruises and cuts from yesterday but nothing drastic. "Black Widow is still in the infirmary," Steve informs us. "Badly broken nose." We nod and put up today's fights. First up, Draco and Rose. After five minutes Draco wins. I don't know how but he did. I don't pay attention to Augustus' victory against Ginny or Annabeth whipping Harry's butt. I only snap back to reality when I hear, "Hazel and Clara let's go!" I gulp for both girls, mainly Hazel. Clara has a black eye from yesterday and winces slightly as she walks. Hazel is fine but looks terrified. I chew my cheek as they prepare. Clara strikes first, kicking her side. Hazel gasps as she stumbles to the side but doesn't fall. Clara goes to punch her nose but Hazel moves, so she hits her eye instead. Still looked painful. Hazel grits her teeth and kicks Clara's legs, causing her to fall. Quite a good move actually. Hazel is on top of Clara before she can move. She punches her nose but no blood rushes out. A light punch it was. She goes for another punch when Clara flips her to the side. Hazel gasps at the impact as Clara stands and goes over to Hazel. She kicks her gut twice, which looks painful. In her pain Hazel sweeps Clara off her feet and gets on her own. Soon both are standing again. Inside I'm silently cheering Hazel on. She can do this, I know she can. Things are looking up. Hazel kicks Clara's side and finally punches her nose, blood slowly trickling out. But I spoke too soon. Clara punches Hazel's jaw, sending her flying backwards. On impact Hazel hits her head hard, slipping into unconsciousness. Clara is victorious. Tobias calls off the fight and Clara stumbles into the crowd of initiates. Augustus runs to Hazel's aid, along with Hermione and Annabeth. She is quick to open her eyes though. They help her up and walk back to the crowd. I scold myself. That entire time I stayed planted next to Tobias. I should've helped. Done something useful. I feel a nudge and look down to see Tobias' elbow on my rib cage. Right, more fighting to attend to. "Could Katniss and Ron come out! Hurry up!" The pair scamper onto the arena and I tune out again. In the end Ron wins with a split lip and Katniss will have a black jaw and eye in the morning. Before lunch Hermione loses to Tony and River wins against Johanna. Then everyone leaves but Tobias and myself. He soon moves in front of me and crosses his arms. "What was that?" he asks calmly.

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