Snake Eyes

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Snake Eyes


She gazed over the cliff edge into the rushing water. All of her limbs frozen to the spot by the winds gentle fingers that now combed her long, chestnut hair. Her dark blue eyes moved rapidly, over the jagged rocks protruding the dark water below, as the puzzle began to piece together in her head, finally making sense. She glanced up at the ominous black sky and in her peripheral vision she noticed a shadow cast directly beside her. Her limbs unlocked in shock and she turned to face the figure. With a gasp she saw a tall, dark man. With that she felt two strong hands pushing her chest.  

With a scream terrifying enough to bring even the strongest of men to tears, the young girl began to fall into what had just been a most majestic vision. With one last helpless look she saw the man's trouser leg hitched up slightly on his trainer, she recognized a tattoo, in the shape of a snake.

It's funny the things you notice when you think you're about to kick the bucket, how much you take in. It's although in every last second, you cling to every last teensy detail.

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