Chapter Twenty One

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Blayze's lips trailed down my neck, making their way towards my collarbone.
His hands roamed gently, but deliberately across my hips and under the hem of my t-shirt.
His weight felt delicious over my body, pinning Me into the mattress.
Nearly every inch of my skin felt like it was on fire.
Slowly and smoothly, he pushed the bottom of my t-shirt up, gradually exposing more and more of my skin.
My breaths became short as his warm hands trailed a soft, hot and deliberate path across my bare stomach.
I wound my legs around his hips, pulling his body more tightly into mine and raking my fingers into the dishevelled strands of his inky hair.
His fingers traced across the tender underside of my naked breast and an involuntary shiver shot straight down my spine.
I clenched my eyes shut and let out a hissing breath through my also tightly clenched teeth.
I snapped my eyes open to find myself staring at the darkened ceiling of our bedroom, my heart racing in a sprint and my skin feeling like it was on fire.
There was an all too familiar ache low in my body.
My chest rose and fell heavily as I attempted to catch my breath.
Stupid god damn hormones!
Swallowing hard, I turned my head to the right to see Blayze sleeping soundly, laying on his stomach with one arm tucked under his pillow, our blanket pooling around his narrow hips.
I couldn't see where his left arm was.
His inky hair fell across his forehead just perfectly disheveled.
His brow was relaxed.
His lips parted slightly as he breathed deeply.
His arm muscle-
I ripped my gaze off his delectable body and blinked up at the ceiling.
I wonder if he was feeling as frustrated as I was...
Mentally I facepalmed.
I'm supposed to be stopping myself thinking about that!
I pushed myself into a sitting position and slipped my side of the blanket off my legs.
There was no point in laying in bed, driving myself crazy.
I swung my legs over the side of our bed and pushed myself onto my feet.
I nodded to myself.
Exercise should make me feel better.
I tiptoed over to the chest of drawers in hopes of finding myself something comfortable but lightweight to wear.

I was taking my mug from the wire drying rack, the kettle boiling gently in the background, when I heard footsteps.
Don't tell Me Blayze is up already and wants to go to work?
I twisted around, ready to bargain my case with him, though hoping I wouldn't have to tell him just how sexually frustrated I was, but found Noah stepping off the bottom of the staircase.
She was dressed in leggings and a pair of sand shoes, wearing a black t-shirt with a yellow FOX symbol across the chest and was tying her long jet black hair up.
She greeted, making her way through the lounge room furniture.
I replied, leaning back against the kitchen bench.
"How you doing?"
It was barely 6AM, so i was pretty sure she wasn't doing too fantastically if she was up now, no Knox in sight.
Noah Zannox never used to do early mornings.
Noah shook her head, sighing heavily.
"I'm just pissed off."
She muttered.
I could imagine.
I offered, pushing myself off the bench after hearing the kettle finish boiling.
Noah nodded.
I twisted around and got a mug out of the drying rack for her.
Turning back to start making our coffee's, I shot Noah a glance.
"I can understand why you'd be mad."
If Blayze told Me his Ex Fiancé was in town, I'd be mighty pissed.
I frowned at the mugs as I poured the just boiled water into the coffee, milk and sugar mix.
Scratch that.
I'd be bloody ropable if he told Me he'd been previously engaged at all!
We're engaged now, so I should've known something like that a long damn time ago!
So should Noah.
She and Codie are engaged.
What the hell was wrong with Codie?
I just wanted to smack him upside the head!
But that was Noah's job.
Noah turned around to lean backwards against the bench.
"It just feels like I can't catch a break at the moment."
She admitted, wrapping her arms around her middle.
"You'll get there."
I reasoned, sliding her coffee towards her.
She shook her head.
"I just can't believe he never told Me he was engaged before!"
Dick move 100%, Codie Benjamin!
"What are you doing up?"
Noah asked, lifting her mug.
"Did one of the Kid's wake up?"
I shook my head, lifting my own mug.
"I was restless in bed."
I explained.
Noah's blue eyes sparkled and she waggled her eyebrows suggestively.
Immediately I felt a blush warm my cheeks.
"And I really have to shed some of this Baby Condition before this Wedding, so I thought about trying to get some exercise!"
I all but snapped, attempting to hide my mounding embarrassment.
Though Noah had pretty much hit the nail on the head...
"Great minds."
Noah shot Me a weak smile.
"I thought I'd try going for a run or something, instead of biting Codie's head off."
I took a careful first sip of my coffee.
"Well I think he still deserves the ripping of a new one."
Noah's expression softened.
She wrapped both hands around her gently steaming mug.
"We lost nearly everything a few days ago."
She shook her head.
"We still don't know how we're gonna get back from that. He deserves some leniency."
She bit into her lower lip.
"But if He think's He can cheat on Me, that leniency goes out the window."
She scowled.
"I'm not fucking cheating on you!"
We both looked towards the stairs to see Codie coming down them.
I bit into my lower lip.
"I didn't say you are."
Noah denied, shooting him a glance.
"Well I'm not! And I never fucking will!"
Codie retorted, coming into the kitchen.
"What are you doing up? Is Knox awake?"
Noah questioned.
"I'm awake because I couldn't sleep."
Codie rolled his eyes.
"And Knox is still sleepin'."
He lifted a hand to rumple his unruly dark hair.
"Can you watch Knox for a bit?"
Noah asked.
Codie looked slightly weary.
"Bails and I are stepping out for an hour or two."
We are?
I thought we both wanted to get exercise?
Codie blinked and looked between Noah and I.
"You do realise it takes nearly that time just to get to town from here?"
Of course I know that.
I rolled my eyes.
"We're not leaving the property."
I actually didn't even realise Noah wanted us to 'exercise' together.
But exercising with a partner had to be more enjoyable than doing it solo, surely.
Codie looked bewildered.

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