Ch.58 Bedelia Flavia Havoc part 2

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"Yeah, that's because she's hot plus she would beat me if I didn't." He admitted defensively putting his hands up.

"Well your lucky I don't beat you now, who ever gets stuck with the albino dingus make sure to fill him in on the plan; I refuse to repeat myself. Now lets go!" I ordered as we all separated hiding and getting in our ready positions.

"Hey Saveggie, this is irrelevant right now but I just wanted to let you know playing all those call of duty and GTA games and being in JROTC payed off for you." PJ whispered to me as we hid behind some crates.

"Same goes to you with basketball PB&J." I say.

"I'm not sure about this...I plan on becoming a doctor yet here I am getting ready to beat people to a pulp if need be...what am I doing with my life?" Aito whispered more to himself.

"Your growing a pair of balls, that what. You can thank me later." I whispered back jokingly as Trinity and Kai were thinking of something to create the first diversion.

"Amber, I'm not even sure if I'm strong or brave enough to do this." Aito glanced at me worriedly.

"Look; if Fresh can pull the guts he doesn't even have to stab and tazer people, raise a gun to a person, and tell off and eventually get the popular guy in school to like him, and do all of that while basically being tramuatized? You can most definitely bash some heads in." I reassured him as Trinity and Kai finally can up with a loud enough noise, they combined their powers setting off a loud explosive sound as the wall to the right crumbled to pieces. Travis followed behind closely down the hallway after the two.

"You guys ready?" I asked as Aito hesitantly nodded, as Lux seemed to have a slight headache as she took her hand off her forhead.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Lux stated looking forward waiting for the next stage of the plan to begin.

Once Trinity and Kai had the first step of the plan running smoothly PJ motioned for Lux and Aito to go next, they waited a few moments before moving forward with the plan. Aito was too nervous to carry out the distraction but Lux seemed more than ready to get this over with.

Without a second thought she pulled out her gun and shot inches away from Gartes snout, causing the wolf like monster to scream like a 5 year old.

"Ahhh! You little bitch-" He glared down at the skeleton as the door banged open.

The three turned as I counted the second phase done, until a butterfly walked through the door swinging her whip at the three.

"Shit! Phase three now!" I shouted running out from behind the crates.

"Amber wait!" PJ called for me but I continued to sprint between Bedelia and Lux blocking Bedelia's attack with my sword just on time.

"Lux! Aito! Garte! Complete your mark, I'll handle this!" I ordered as the three ran off.

I moved my head away as the whip wrapped around my blade keeping a firm grip, as Bedelia pulled at her whip I wasn't going to let her unarm me though; not that it mattered though.

"Well, I knew my little mouse Lux would come after her dear brother but with you being here this is a bit unexpected." She stated with a bitter sweet smile.

"Yeah,well I'm not dead yet and neither is PJ." I smirked as Bedelia was dumbfounded.

"Who-" She didn't get to finish as PJ slammed a shield made of paint against her, shoving her to the side with ease.

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