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Previously in Deadly Scandals

Once we were all set I lead them out side to the streets, taking a deep breaths I looked to the group of friends Fresh had gathered.

'you really created quite an impressive squad my radical dude...' I thought proudly as I turned to them.

"Be prepared for hell cause shit is about to go down, everyone. PB&J, are you ready yet?" I asked playfully as he raised a brow at me.

"Are you seriously asking me that?" He asked as I grinned.

"Lol No. Lets go!" I stated as we journeyed down the streets ready to save our friend.

Time to do something stupidly fun...

Ch.62 Bedelia Flavia Havoc part 2

I carefully poked my head out around the corridor, checking to see if the coast was clear: we had tracked Fresh down to a busy building up town surprising us. Luarens and Travis tagged along while we were on our way.

Most of us expected them to take Fresh in a empty, possibly even abandobed house. After motioning that it was alright we made our way through the hallway only stopping when we heard a familiar voice, listening closely as the conversation commenced.

"They should be here any moment now, Fresh." Bedelia voice was heard through the door, I carefully cracked the door open to see if there was another way in the room.

Unfortunately there wasn't so we couldn't throw them off by barging in on both sides.

"Alright, so this is the only entrance into this room we're going to have to take another approach. So here's the plan: Kai, Trinity, I need you two to created a distration. Make sure to make it loud and as worrying as possibly, make sure whoever comes out chases you two away then when you know its time split if you need to and take them down. Lux and Aito, you two do the same chances are they'll think its nothing big the first time so they won't send out much of their men and women. Ivory, Laurens, and Shifteh, both of you will escort me and PJ as we barg into the room, both of you are to immediately use your powers the moment the door is open. That will distract them. The moment we're in there attacking is the moment you two will join us. Garte you and Travis will help the others fight their men and women off, Lux I know you want to ensure your brothers safety so once you fight off who ever your against climb through the vents and make your way into the room we're in. Once you've done that very carefully free your brother and get him to safety, and whatever you do don't let him come for us. Get Vaan, Travis, and Laurens to help you if you need to. Anyone have a better plan or something you can contribute to?" I asked looking to see every ones reactions.

"I can create a shield of paint to protect us from their powers, to be honest I'm better at defence anyway." PJ stated as I nodded.

"Alright then you'll be our defence, Travis take this. You'll need it more than us." I said handing the weapon holding it for the white haired male to take.

"...Um...can you go over the plan again? I kinda didn't get it..." Travis asked quietly giving me an apologetic look.

"Don't give me those puppy dog eyes Valcrum, you know you would have been listening if it were Katelyn." I said.

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