Chapter 1

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Today was like any other day. I woke up early like every other day, sulked in bed, took a shower, got dressed, did my make-up, prepared my coffee, grabbed my keys, grabbed my purse, and left my condo making my way towards the garage where my black Rang Rover was parked.

I smiled as I sat inside the car smelling how clean it was. I turned the ignition on and heard the powerful roar of the engine making me feel satisfied.

Yes, this was the life. This was my life. The life that I dreamed of having since my life turned to shit back at home, if you could even call it home. I was living my best life and couldn't begin to explain how proud of myself I felt, but there was something missing in my life. I refused to acknowledge that part because I honestly believed that at this point in my life, there was no way in hell that I would get it.

So instead of sitting in my car thinking about it, I drove off. Twenty minutes later I arrived at my company. The company that I've worked my ass off for. The company that I poured my entire life into. It was mine and it gave me chills looking at the massive building in front of me made of glass with an elegant and intimidating design.

"Good morning Ms. Martez." The young valet parker said as I stepped out of the car and handed him the keys to my car.

"Good morning Juan. How are you?" I asked. His expression was a mixture between surprised and confused. One, because I knew his name and two, because I asked how his day was. I'm pretty sure that out of all CEO's out in the world, I was the only one to actually cared about the people who worked for me including those in valet parking. I waited patiently and saw the small smile curve in his lips.

"I'm doing great Ms. Martez. Thanks for asking. How about you?" He asked.

"Wonderful." I said flashing him a small smile before I began walking away.

If there was one thing that I knew about business, it's that you need loyalty from all the people who work for you. I knew what it was like to work small jobs, I knew what it was like to work minimum wage, and I knew that bosses who were cocky and stuck up were always the ones damned in the end by their own employees who were fed up with cocky attitudes.

That's the last thing I need from my own employees. So I made it my job to get to know all those who I frequented every day. I learn their names and just enough about their lives to strike up a conversation if time permits. That's how I attained the loyalty of all those who worked for me and I planned on keeping it that way.

Don't get the wrong idea though. I wasn't a soft boss. I was the toughest when it came to what I do. You don't become this successful being nice and sweet. No. I could become your worst enemy if you crossed the line with me and trust me, there were a lot of people that tried to and now they living mediocre lives. Homeless even.

I wanted honestly and if you weren't willing to give me that then you can bet your ass I'll pull the rug right out of your feet and leave you with nothing but regret. And now I'm here, doing what I love.

Stepping of the elevator I walked to the front desk where my receptionist Jessica sat. She looked up and immediately stood up and fixed her skirt offering me a smile.

"Good morning Ms. Martez, I hope you're doing well today." She said reaching for a packet of files on the desk.

"I am. What's new today?" I asked listening carefully.

"Mr. Peterson finally approved the deal and sent over the final documents for you to look over and sign. I took the time to look through them and made some notes about places you may want to focus on for revision." She said pointing out the blue sticky notes posted on some of the pages. I smiled at Jessica being grateful that she took the time to make my job ten times easier.

"That was very thoughtful, thank you. Anything else?" I asked as I quickly scanned the documents now in my hands.

"All your meetings have been confirmed for the day and there's a potential client who wants to meet up with you." She said looking in the agenda as she found what she was looking for and showed it to me. I looked down at the name that read Simons Real Estate. I raised an eyebrow not knowing who they were and looked up.

"Whose this? I've never heard of them" I asked.

"They're a real estate agency. It's a small company located down in the south. I did a little bit of research on them and have included some basic information about them. I think they might be trying to expand." Jessica said handing me another set of paper clipped notes.

"I'll take a look. Thank you." I said walking away to my office which was located at the end of the left hallway. Far enough from everything else happening.

Entering my office I sat down in the big brown chair and set all the files down on the desk. Without wasting a single minute I began working, never taking a break knowing there was no time for me to relax. 

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