29 (Words&Text)

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"Hyung..." Jungkook looked at his older brother trying not to cry but jin just smiled and hugged jungkook.

"Sorry." "Sorry." They both said in unison and chuckled. "Sorry for telling, I was angry that day." Jungkook apologised

"Sorry for slapping you. I grew to like namjoon and hitting you in front of everyone was unacceptable."

They both hugged eachother once again and sat down "So how are you and taehyung?" Jin questioned causing jungkook to frown.

"I wanted to ask him out but he kept ignoring me and walking away." Jungkook answered sighing "Maybe taehyung and I aren't meant to be."

Jin scoffed "Whatever. I spoke to him, you wanna know what he said?"

Jungkook immediently nodded and the older laughed "he likes you." Jin ruffled the youngers hair then went to get his shoes. "I'm going out to meet namjoon I'll be back soon."

Before jungkook could say anything, jin had already ran out the door and slammed it shut.


JinheeCooksFood🍟 is typing...
From JinheeCooksFood🍟

5 minutes i'll be there

Delivered just now

Jin nervously knocked on the door and waited for it to open.

When it opened, jin was regretted it immediately and bowed straight away. "I am so sorry for disturbing you."


He accidently knocked on the wrong door and realised, the door number. "101, jin not 110, how stupid can you be?" Jin ran to the right number and when he got there, he knocked once again.

"Hi jin."

"Hi namjoon."

Namjoon let jin inside and they both tried to avoid eye contact.

"So i just wanted to " Namjoon was at lost of words but jin had an idea to make it less awkward.



jinhee 🍟
why so awkward

it's easier to text

if i look at you, will it be awkward

omg don't

Jinhee 🍟
get used to it asshole

i'll be in your asshole, asshole

Jinhee 🍟
shut up skskksks


i said shut up
do you have game consoles

yeah a few, wanna go on the ps4?

the loser has to listen to the winner  for the whole day


"get ready to beg to me" Namjoon gulped, he was really bad at that game but pretended he was good.

"ok shut up im the best" Jin blushed then sat down on the floor waiting for namjoon to get the game ready.

"It- it was that guys fault he b- blocked my path" Jin pouted and looked at the ground, he tried to find an excuse to cover up that he's not that good at the game.

"Now you gotta do whatever I say for a day." Namjoon  mentally patted himself on the back for remembering how to play that game.

"what do you want?" Jin asked, sulking but namjoon smiled at him as his face went closer to his ear.

Namjoon whispered "Be my boyfriend."

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