Young and in Love. XXXxxx

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Bree turned up the radio she was jamming to. Danity Kane's song "Damaged" was playing at full volume.

She was in her Tropical Dream themed room. She picked up her diamond incrusted Razor and before she knew she was dialing her worst enemy's home phone.

With one shaky breath Bree sighed and whispered a speedy "Hello." It came out sounding more like a question. Bree would've never thought she'd EVER dial Lauren's number ever again...especially after what had become for the two former Best Friends.

Chapter 1

Lauren looked across the homeroom, in search of her Topaz earning from Bree, her Best friend. I can't let Bree know I lost it -AGAIN! Lauren thought while quickly checking to see that Bree hadn't yet noticed her one earning day butte. It only works on Johnny Deep! Lauren thought as a girl she hardly recognized tore off one of her knock-off H&M blue-green pearl drop earnings. Making sure none was looking she tore out her other golden Topaz. She quickly stuffed it in her Burberry bag. Lauren rose from her seat near the back and skipped next to Bree. This meant Angela who was talking about the importance of Saving the Whales had to go sit where Lauren had sat. No one ever said no to Lauren (besides Bree but that's why Lauren loved her so much).

"Soooo....?" Bree automatically asks.

"Sooo.....? Uh, what miss thing?" Lauren teased.

"You know?!"

"No I don't! Tell me now!"

"Remember how I said Keli said she couldn't come to the surprise party I'm throwing for my cousin, Amber?" Bree whispers.

"Ya...what about it?"

"'Well, it turns out tha-"

"Omigosh, she isn't grounded, is she?" Lauren interrupts.

"No but I was getting to that."

"Go on, chica."

"As I was saying, she can't because she dumped a bucket of water on Tri's head when he and Ellie were over working on that project for Social studies."

"Wow, her parents are strict!" Lauren purrs.

"I know, but guess what?"


"It was flavored!" Bree shrieks.

"My, my, send her to heck and beyond!"

"I know, like, right?!" Bree turned around cackling as she tiptoed through the tiny door to get to English on time.

Chapter 2

Bree didn't actually like gossiping, yet she felt the need to make up stories to please Lauren. Not that she didn't ever vent about Lauren to her Mom (only after making her pinkie swear not to repeat a syllable to anyone.)

Only an airhead would tell Lauren what a huge jerk she was sometimes.

Bree felt sudden pressure on her back as she walked to Gym. She felt it and sure enough there was a piece of paper there. It read:


Meet me out by the dumpsters at exactly 2:00pm.

Even if that means skipping class.

It wasn't even signed! How the heck was Bree supposed to know who to tell that there was no way she could, would, or should skip class.

She just wouldn't do it. Maybe it was from a secret crush? She hadn't ever told anyone, but she believed that she was falling in "like" with Tri. She had a feeling he felt the same way about her. She started running towards French II where Tri would be getting out of in a minute. I bet it is him who put the note on my back! Bree thought to herself. That just made her run faster.

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