Chapter 30

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Cris felt happy. He had no idea why though.

When he came to himself, he just felt happy and couldn't stop smiling as his mind woke up.

His back felt cold. But on his front, there was a pleasant warmth. The manager grunted and curled up to get closer to the heat source.

Even without opening his eyes, Cris knew the source of that heat was the reason for his happiness.

In the center of that warmth, the manager could heart a faint rhythmic sound, pulsing. That sound made his smile widened. When Cris realized it was a heart beating, he felt even warmer. It's Nelson's, he knew even without opening his eyes.

Cris never wanted to wake up, to get out of that bed. Just being there, hearing Nelson's heart pulsing and embracing in the warm from the guy he liked was perfect.

But then he remembered Marcelo's word. He said that Nelson lost the bet and paid him... The bet about if Nelson would fall for his new manager... Cris couldn't stop himself from wrapping his arms around that warmth.

Nelson fell for me... Nelson fell for me... Just the thought of the guy he liked falling in love with him made Cris want to shout to the world. To shove those feelings to anyone and make people jealous.

Even in his dreams was like that. Normally, Cris barely remembered his dreams, but this one was still too vivid. He never wanted to forget.

He and Nelson were on the beach during the sunset completely alone. The swimmer teased the manager, poking him on the nose, ear, and cheek. With the sand, Cris was so ticklish he couldn't stop scratching those places.

Then, to tease Nelson back, he climbed on top of the swimmer and pulled the trunks down. He wanted to play with that manhood enough to make Nelson beg for his mouth. But the plan backfired. When the manager saw it hardening as he stroked, he couldn't help but get aroused himself.

Before Cris could stop himself, not that he would have, he put the manhood in his mouth.

The reaction was instantaneous.

The swimmer quivered in pleasure. His face became red and he closed his eyes. But despite that reaction, he did nothing to stop his manager.

With a sly smile, Cris played with the tip, only sucking. But then the manhood vanished.

Cris blinked and looked at the swimmer. Nelson had vanished as well.

Looking around, he saw the swimmer standing a few meters from him. The athlete was saying something, but Cris was too far away to hear.

However, as he got closer, he understood the words, and they made his cheeks an alarming shade of red.

"I lost the bet against Marcelo. I betted I wouldn't fall in love with my next manager. But I lost," Nelson was saying, with a defeated smile.

Even from that distance, Cris could tell that smile was hiding the swimmer's true feeling; he was glad that he lost.

Cris beamed and raced to the man. When he was close enough, he jumped and wrapped his arms around Nelson.

"I love you, Cris," the swimmer said, making the manager's heart thump faster.

Cris was too happy. But even so, he wanted more.

He wanted to hear those words outside this wonderful dream, while he was awake. And he knew he would. Someday. Maybe soon.

Even so, the manager knew he couldn't push the swimmer too much. Otherwise, it might affect Nelson's performance as an athlete. Despite his yearn to be more than just swimmer and manager, to be more than friends, Cris would never do something that might get in the way of Nelson's dream.

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