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Reiko's POV

"Good Morning,Ryouko!"-I said loudly

Then Ryouko hit Reiko on the head with a pan

"Why did you do that?"-I said

"Your voice is so loud that i'm irritated"-Ryouko said

 "I'm sorry Oh,Where's Okumura?"-I asked

"He's with my sister,Kyouko Akashino"-Ryouko said

"ohhh,you have a sister?"-Yukiteru said

"Yes.You two can come over to my house if you want to see her"-Ryouko said

"Okay then"-Yukiteru said

I was wondering.....How does her sister looks she just like her? Or she is completely opposite of Ryouko? no use of thinking of it,I'll just wait to see her

"Ofcourse,She's cute"-I said

"Stop Reading my mind"-Yukiteru said

"Are you irratated?"-I said with a teasing voice

Then Ryouko hit Yukiteru and Reiko with a pan

"Ouch!"-I shouted

"My Sister,She is a Airheaded kind of person"-Ryouko said

 "Woah there.."-Yukiteru

"I didn't expect that"-Me

"Is she looked-like you?"-Me

"Okay okay,just wait,we will come up to that,you'll see her later"-Ryouko

"Hai..Matta ne~[ok,see ya later]"-Me

*Fast Forward*

Ryouko's POV

We are at the apartment right now,With Reiko and Yukiteru...Of course with Okumura and my sister.. If they mess up with this,they will recieve punishment...

"We're here"-Me

"So where is your sister?"-Reiko

"Oh,She's just buying a soda"-Me

After that someone knocks the door..

"Oh,I want you to meet Kyouko Akashino"-Me

Here it goes-Reiko and Yukiteru


"Hi,Everyone I'm Ryouko's Twin Sister"-Kyouko 

"Whhhhaaatttt?!"-Reiko and Yukiteru


"Our wait is very useless"-Yukiteru

"Yeah,You're Right"-Reiko

"Don't say that"-Okumura said

"Yes,their right I should told them earlier that I have a twin sister."-Me

And the Kyouko use her metal pan and hit Reiko and Yukiteru in the head

"Oh,that she got from you. Ryouko"-Yukiteru said 

"We are not alike!"-Me                                                                                                                                      then I hit Yukiteru in the head

"I'm sorry and Ouch!"-Yukiteru

To be Continued

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