Lilah Doute was quiet, more so than usual. She had all the reason to be, in a city like Gotham, the only fun you could have was if you had the skill and right connections to go on a crime spring without being arrested or if you had plenty of money that you could block out the crime. Hilariously, she actually had both. Looking up from the long meeting table, her light brown eyes scanned the empty meeting room. Her house served as a meeting place for the Falcone's, that was, when they weren't sitting around in a nightclub. No, her house was used for the important meetings and thanks to her mother, she had no choice but to comply. Narrowing her eyes slightly she rose from the chair, pacing around the dimly lighted room, Carmine 'The Roman' Falcone married her mother, Elizabeth Doute after the death of his first wife, Louisa as well as her own father's death. As a result, Carmine or 'father' as he requested to be called, gave her and her younger brother this house to share, resulting in her becoming very familiar with numerous unsavoury people. Luckily enough, Mercious stayed clear of most things, he mostly kept to himself or a nightclub, leaving Lilah to take control of the responsibility that was thrust upon them. The house was a nightmare in itself, but that wasn't even the worst of it. As well as hosting a bunch of criminals and mobsters, Lilah had the pleasure of 'funding' and occasionally having Carmine's 'friends' stay with them in order to use the multiple laboratories and other interesting places in the basement that Lilah swore was large then the house itself.

Hearing a knock on the door, Lilah turned her gaze to the doorway, where, much to her own disdain Carmine Falcone stood, wearing his best suit, a cigar hanging out of his mouth, behind him was a younger, tall man with dark hair, his pretty blue eyes were shielded by a pair of half-moon rimmed glasses. "Lilah." Carmine smiled, holding out his arms as if asking for a hug (She really hoped he wasn't). Returning a small smile, Lilah nodded a greeting,

"Carmine." Clearing his throat, Carmine Falcone gave her a small glare, one she had often seen before, "I mean... father..." She trailed off, letting her eyes fall to the red carpet underneath her feet. Clapping his hands together, Carmine stepped into the room,

"Lilah, Lilah, Lilah..." He began, the taller man following him with a smug expression, "I have someone I'd like you to meet." Clenching her jaw, Lilah stepped forward, this wasn't the first time Carmine had told her he 'had someone for her to meet'. After his own two daughters and son married off, Lilah was the last, excluding Mercious, who was mature enough and valuable enough to be married off to a rich family in order to establish more ties between the Falcone family and whatever family the tall guy came from. Glancing around the room, Lilah quickly located the closest and easiest escape routes, Carmine's weight gave her some advantage, as did her ten years of gymnastics, courtesy of her beloved mother, the tall man was a mystery, but he seemed arrogant enough to get past,

"Well.. once again, I'm flattered." She began stepping closer towards the pair of them, her eyes locked onto the tall man, analyzing him as she walked closer, he was nice to look at and would probably make a great little statue for Mercious to later destroy, but as for a husband, she would probably kill him in his sleep and then dump his pretty body in the lake somewhere outside of Gotham, "But... I really think maybe... we should do this another time... I mean, he looks lovely, no really he does... but I am quite busy." She smiled, looking around for some inspiration about what she could be busy with. After receiving a slight frown from both men, Carmine finally let out a loud laugh, causing Lilah to jump slightly,

"You are a funny one." He chuckled, attempting to make light of the situation. Turning to the tall man, he smiled lightly, "Lilah, I would like you to meet a business partner of mine, Dr. Jonathan Crane, he works as a psychologist down at Arkham Asylum." Upon hearing the name, her heart sank, Dr. Jonathan Crane, everyone in Gotham knew that name, he was renowned for his work, his honest work that was, not many new of his dishonest work, but there were plenty of false rumours around about practically everyone in the city, so she was almost certain that somewhere there were people who believed Dr. Crane was the definition of evil. Stepping forward, Dr. Crane held out his hand, the same arrogant look on his otherwise nice looking face; returning the courtesy, Lilah shook his hand, A strong handshake? No wonder Carmine agreed to do business with him.

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