Aislinn's POV

Shortly after Niall fell asleep, I decided to go home. Yeah I know my dad slapped me acroos the face and kicked me out, but I'm sure he regrets it. I mean I'm his only family, and plus I have school tomorrow. 

I walked home, since I don't have a car at this moment. The guards let me in, they hesitated though.

I barged right in the house. I mean it is my house. I found my dad sitting in the living room with a Jack Daniels in his hand.

"Daddy?" I say.

"Aislinn where were you? I was worried sick! And why are you wearing a boy's clothes?" My dad rambles off.

"Dad I was staying at a freind's house and I remember you kicking me out and slapping me?" I say, my hands on my hips.

"Sweetie I'm sorry, I was angry. How can I make it up to you?" My dad pleads.

I smirk at him.


I am proud to say that I am now an owner of a white Lamborghini Gallardo convertible. Call me spoilt, I don't care.

I love this car.

I decided to go on a drive with her, and which I did.

But who knew in the new future something bad would've happened?


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