Wenrene 2

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The stars were bright in the sky and Irene stared at them with admiration. She was sat in the sand, on a beach and waiting for Wendy to return from wherever she ran off to.

A few minutes later, Wendy came back from one of the close by bars with two fancy cocktails in her hands. "Here you go," she smiled at her girlfriend before passing her the pink drink.

"My favourite!" Irene smiled happily as Wendy sat down beside her, holding a blue drink. "Thank you," she spoke as she gave Wendy a soft kiss on the cheek.

"You're welcome," Wendy smiled back before looking out towards the sea as the waves gently rolled and the stars shone in the dark sky, creating beautiful patterns. The whole scene seemed so romantic and Wendy had never been more thankful to have Irene than she was now.

"It's so beautiful," Irene sighed in content, referring to the sky, as she took a sip of her drink.

"You're more beautiful," Wendy flirted.

"Shut up," Irene mumbled with a roll of her eyes as she gently nudged Wendy. Wendy chuckled in response.

Irene rested her head on Wendy's shoulder as the two of them slowly drank their drinks and watched the beautiful scenery as quiet, slow songs could be heard distantly playing from nearby bars. Once Irene was finished with her drink, she rested her head in Wendy's lap and smiled up at the younger girl who was still lost in the stars.

When Wendy looked down, she noticed Irene was looking at her like she had been looking at the stars only a few moments ago and she smiled softly. "Listen, they're playing our song!" Wendy realised suddenly as she heard One Of These Nights softly playing from the closest restaurant.

Irene's smile expanded as she heard it too. "Can you sing for me?" Irene asked hopefully as Wendy brushed her hand through Irene's long, black hair.

"Of course," Wendy nodded before clearing her throat and starting to sing along. Irene thought her voice sounded like liquid gold. It was beautiful and whenever she sang like this Irene automically felt at ease and happy.

Once the song finished, Irene started to softly clap. "That was amazing!" She praised the younger who couldn't stop smiling.

"I love you so much, Irene," Wendy stated.

"And I love you so much too, Wendy," Irene said as she sat up and softly pressed a kiss to Wendy's sweet lips that tasted like sweet alcoholic cocktails and strawberries.

The innocent kiss deepened as Wendy kissed Irene back and let her hands find their way to Irene's hair once again. Irene's hands rested upon Wendy's waist before she moved closer, to sit on Wendy's lap.

"Someone's coming," Wendy realised as she heard footsteps behind them and pulled away from the older girl who pouted.

"Well, we came to ask if you were ready to go and you're here passionately making out!" Joy giggled as she, Yeri and Seulgi stood behind the two girls.

"Yeah, we're ready to go," Irene nodded as she started to collect her few belongings that she had brought with her to the beach. Wendy did the same before they started to follow behind the other members of Red Velvet. "Rude maknaes...and Seulgi, interrupting," Irene shook her head and Wendy laughed softly.

"It's alright, they can't interrupt us in our hotel room," Wendy winked.

"I bet you they'll find a way," Irene stated as they got into the large car with the rest of their group.

"Yeah, probably," Wendy smiled before giving Irene a kiss on the cheek, which made Irene smile widely. Irene smiling was something that always made Wendy happy so she started to smile too and before they knew it they were both grinning like idiots.


Somebody requested Wenrene so here you go! I apologise if this wasn't very good.

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