Eleven: All Will Be Revealed Soon

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Seven days.

It's been seven days since I had been trapped in this house.

Seven days since I had smelt the fresh air and felt the cool breeze hit my skin.

Seven days since I had entered my own house and my own bed.

Seven days since I had seen my hard working mother who would do anything for me and my siblings who I dearly miss.

Heck, I even missed Eve trying to give me a make over.

Seven days in this dungeon.

I heard the door open but I don't bother to run. As soon as I looked at the door it's immediately closed. He always left me food but I never ate it. There's a pile of it near the bed on the floor. The one's that are moulding is thrown away in the bin.

Today it was a plate of omlette and some french toast covered in parsley, The piece of note at the top said;

Please eat.

I threw the card away and placed the un touched food where the rest were.

I sat on the bed and laid on it. Covered in my dried tears and drenched sweat.

This was my life.

I hadn't slept since the day I realised that everything was real. I prayed and sung hymns almost everyday and I waited here until this horror was over.

But I knew it wouldn't be.

Very soon this person,...this thing was going to realise that he had the wrong person. Im not what they're looking for. But that day will soon be realised when I am no more.

My eyelids battled to stay closed but I forced them to stay open. I didn't want to sleep on his bed, I didn't want to wear his clothes or eat his food. I was not his . I was nobodys.

The rooms slowly became dark and the mist started to appear.

He was coming.

I don't bother to fear as I laid on the bed closing my eyes tightly, trying to relax myself.

"Why wont you eat ?" I heard the voice say. It is harsh but the tone is concerned. The voice was close. As if the beast was standing over me.

I stayed silent waiting for him to hurt me.

"I don't mean to hurt you intentionally." He spoke as his voice moved closer towards me. I forgot that he could read my mind. "But you are so damn stubborn"

I felt human hands running along my face. He goes over the wounds.

"Talk to me" He pleaded.

I continued to stay silent.

He grunted as his hold on my cheeks grows tighter. I struggled to keep my tears from falling but they continue to fall without my permission. My salty tears rolled down to my cheek. He felt it and the ora of the room felt different.

His loosened his grip from my cheek and held my chin. He made my eyes open and I watched him ravel his bright golden eyes. The only features I'd seen of him at the time. I felt him but I wanted to be able to visibly see my kidnapper, The monster.

I had nothing but hate for him.

"What are you" My voice is hushed but hoarse. I could barely hear myself but he seemed to understood my non audible voice.

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