Chapter 5

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"Rory, that's too big. People will actually expect there to be good food in there," Lorelai tutted, putting the basket back down.

"Just because you have someone to bid on your basket," Liv stuck her tongue out, "do you think if I speak to Dean really nicely and bat my eyelashes a bit he'll bid on mine too, I don't wanna eat with Kirk again," she shuddered.

"I dunno, but I'm gonna go and look out the back," Rory shrugged, walking away.

"Who do you want to get yours mom?" Liv asked.

"Someone who can clean rain gutters," Lorelai grinned, "I'm going to look at the ones they've got out the front."

"I'll go and find Rory," Liv said, walking in the direction her sister went in.

She saw Dean and Rory stood close together, and Jess awkwardly holding some glue, "Hello," she said.

"Hey, Liv," Rory smiled, relieved.

"You ok there Jess?" Jess nodded, "Dean? You look like you're gonna blow up."

"I'm great," Dean growled.

"Huh," Liv nodded, "Are you going to do any basket bidding today Jess?"

Jess looked at her like she'd gone mad, "let me think. I'll pass."

"Right. Well, Dean I was wondering if you could do me a favour," she smiled, handing him some money, "save me from Kirk?"

"Sure," Dean laughed, "I've gotta get back to work, I'll see you later," He leant down to kiss Rory.

"Don't kiss, don't kiss!" Liv shouted, "eww," she teased.

"I've gotta go and get...gluing," Jess said, "bye guys. Bye Dean," he smiled, too nicely.

When the boys were gone, Liv rolled her eyes, "I knew they didn't really get on but jeez."

"Well Jess did try to hit him," Rory shrugged.

"He did what?" Liv smirked.

"He was fighting Chuck Presby," Rory told her.

"Well Chuck Presby is a jerk," Liv laughed, "let's go get a basket."

The next day, the girls were stood in the crowd, waiting for their baskets to be bid on.

Lorelai's had two Slim Jim's and a Pop Tart, Rory's had some sort of concoction that she had brewed up and Liv's had some left over Chinese.

Dean brought Rory's, and Liv's was up next.

"Oh look at that! Another nice small basket from Doose's market," Taylor called, "let's start at $4."

"Ha! Mine started at more than yours!" Liv whispered.

"$4!" Dean called.

"$5!" A voice from behind called. Jess.

Dean glared at him, "$10!"

Jess rolled his eyes, "$15!"


"I only gave him $20," Liv whispered.




Dean sighed in annoyance, not saying anything.

"$45 going once. Going twice. Sold to the nice young hoodlum at the back!" Taylor called.

As Jess walked to get the basket, he winked at Liv, who walked after him.

"I thought you weren't coming," she teased.

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