Calm The Fire: 89

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Stepping through to the forge, Thorin and Nori looked around. All in darkness, left just as it was. Like the workers had just left to return to their homes, or were taking a break.

“The plan's not going to work. These furnaces are stone cold.” Dwalin said firmly.

“He's right. We've no fire hot enough to set them ablaze.” Balin furthered on from his brother's words.

Thorin smirked and tilted his head to the side. There was a low agitated growl from behind them all. “Have we not?” He questioned while moving forwards and putting his hands against the iron gate of the forge. “I did not look to see you so easily outwitted!” Thorin exclaimed taunting the dragon which had been stalking them all. A winged arm appeared out of the dark hole. The others behind him all looked equally unsettled. Slowly, another hand appeared and then a head.

“You have grown slow and fat in your dotage. Slug!” Thorin leant out and looked to Smaug as his neck twisted around and his eyes stared firmly at him. Thorin just looked at the dragon blankly. There was a low growl emanating from him, Thorin's words were clearly hitting home and affecting him. Turning slowly, Thorin looked to his friends. “Take cover,” he smirked and pressed his back against the gate he was just leaning around. Everyone didn't need to get told twice as the dragon crashed from one side to the other and was now literally right outside the forge. Pushing themselves as close to the gate as possible they all exclaimed and winced when the fire was unleashed. It pressed past the gaps in between the ironwork and moved from one side of the other in Smaug's attempts to burn them all.

Slowly though a small spark appeared within the forge, the small spark soon turned into a full on roaring fire which cast an orange glow amongst the surroundings. Upon clearly picking up on what he had done, Smaug recoiled slowly with narrowed eyes, he watched the thick black smoke spurt up from the fire he had just lit, all the while growling lowly. He was also irritated by the fact that there were still voices from below, it seemed all the Dwarves and the Hobbit were very much alive. One lit forge spread to two, and the whole line of them soon erupted into glowing hot flames with smoke billowing out from them.

Moving from their temporary hiding spaces, the small group moved forwards as the irritated noises of the dragon behind them grew. With efforts, Smaug had started to knock on the obstacle which stood in his way. The iron gate wasn't budging, which meant that while the group did whatever it was they were doing, he was repeatedly hitting against the metal in front of him.

“Bombur! Get those billows working! Go!” Thorin said while looking to the Dwarf he named, Bombur didn't need to get told twice. He moved off as quickly as he could, reaching a thick chain he reached up and latched onto it while jumping down. A heavy wheezing sound soon issued out from the billows slowly starting to move. Even still, the iron gate got hit against, by now a part of it had buckled in, Smaug was steadily making his way ever closer into the room.

“Bilbo!” Thorin called out, the Hobbit looked slightly daunted and a little dazed by everything but tottered forwards when he heard his name. Standing around near the gate was not what he ideally wanted to be doing. “Up there, on my mark, pull that lever.” Thorin said while putting a hand on his shoulder and urging Bilbo forwards, he quickly ran off to where Thorin had pointed.

Thorin quickly turned when the groaning of metal echoed out behind him. He turned to see the gate of the forge now more buckled than it was moments ago. Walking forwards he went to join his friends. They were all steadily retreating away from the oncoming dragon.

“Balin, can you still mix a flash flame?” Thorin asked distantly, his attention was seemingly all on the failing gate which had now broken in certain places from the weight which was being hit against it.

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